Red Orchestra Heroes of Stalingrad

Ulric | 14 July 2009 | 2 Comments

An update on Red Orchestra Heroes of Stalingrad (incorrectly called by some Red Orchestra 2)

The silence from Tripwire about any future products was broken earlier this year with a premature release in May of the announcement Red Orchestra Heroes of Stalingrad. Refereed to as RO2 the cat was let out of the bag shortly before Tripwire released their co-operative zombie massacre game.

Move on and now additional information is starting to filter out about RO2.

So what do we know about the game:

In what will be seen by many as a good thing the game is still based on the eastern front.

However unlike the original RO, the game will also have a single player mode that will provide newcomers to the game the ability to come up to speed without the punishment of landing in a multi player server full of experienced players.

A co-op mode for up to 10 players for clearing out squads of AI will also provide some very interesting play, and will provide the opportunity to hone small squad tactics. This will be a boon for new clans looking to to hone their skills before joining ladders.

Many of the things that helped the original Red Orchestra remain a success for so long, such as the realism, the lack of cross hairs, and the ballistics system are still there.

The realism factor has been increased by a more realistic hit detection system and damage system for people. The impact of being hit in other parts of the body will have an effect. Get a headshot, and its instant death, but a hit on the wrist can be bandaged, but if you are hit enough times there you will bleed out and die. Likewise a shot to the upper arm can be bandaged, but can reduce movement and accuracy. As you would expect, a chest shot is fatal, but is a slow death with quick reduction in control and accuracy.

Additionally the ability to adjust sights to allow for range will give people an ability to choose accuracy vs speed. Do I aim above someone’s head and hope, or do I adjust my sights and take a better chance.

One of the aspects of the original Red Orchestra was the input that the community provided to the game. Particularly in the provision of community developed maps. John Gibson, President of Tripwire has said that “we would be daft not to continue and expand what we’ve done with RO for Heroes”. So hopefully we can expect to see some of the brilliant extensions to RO2 that players of RO have experienced.

With Arma 2 out now, and RO 2 due out in 2010, those who enjoy a FPS at the simulation end of the genera are being well served.

Further reading: Official First Statement on Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad - Tripwire Interactive Forums

The PC gamer review can be found at

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Like you say there is little about this from Tripwire,weve seen the snippets from PC gamer mags.But I along with others are still hoping that Tripwire will release some official screen shots or a teaser trailer on youtube.Anything to raise our spirits and keep the dream alive of RO heroes of stalingrad UT3.

agreed, so much riding on this game. I’m so hoping this once again packs out the servers.

Hopefully they release the game in a state worthy of release, so many companies these days blow it by releasing it before its ready. RO did it when they launched, the game was very hard without smoke, quite an integral part in my opinion. Hopefully tey learn from their mistakes.

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