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The Red Orchestra Division in TOG.

The TOG Red Orchestra Division is a small tight group that continues to look for that something special when it comes to the WWII multi-player FPS experience.

Due to the age of the game, and the game play, the Division is predominantly a social one playing on the Australian Public servers. We do fiercely compete in ladders and comps when the opportunity arises.

The Division is mainly based out of Australia/NZ other active members are located in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and in the USA.

We pride ourselves on our skills and teamwork and put a lot of effort into helping new members and those in the the public arena ease their way into what can be a very tough game with a steep learning curve. We try to help those new players in an environment that often gives no quarter when it comes to noobs.

While the RO community is only small in Australia compared to CSS or DoDs we find that it is the realism that sucks you in. While the Division are eagerly awaiting the arrival of “RO2 - Heroes of Stalingrad” which is due out in sometime in 2010 we continue to enjoy the game that brought many new members to TOG.

If you are interested in joining the TOG RO division and are already a TOG member please see the contact details here. If you are yet to join TOG and wish to become a member please have a look at our application process here.

TOG RO Division Captain

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