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Thread: First addicting game.

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    My first I remember was C&C. Addictive because I remember dreaming about missions I was stuck on!

    Addictive in a way I hated turning it off was Final Fantasy 7 and I never ended up finishing it because the final disk was too scratched! Playing it again on Vita though - I WILL finish it 15 odd years later!

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    Ultima Underworld I and II.

    Populas was a time vacuum too..

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    Apologies for the long list, been playing a lot in Ye Olden Days.
    [My criteria of addictive games: "Ah, one more game / one more turn / one more quest / one more ...".]

    In order of time spend, grouped chronologicaly.

    ZX Spectrum (16)
    - Jet Set Willy
    - Astro Blaster

    - Elite (I)
    - Boulderdash
    - Wizard of War
    - Laser Squad
    - Commando
    - Paradroid

    Amiga (500 + 1200)
    - Civilization (I)
    - The Settlers (I, II)
    - Railroad Tycoon (I)
    - Wings
    - The Sentinel
    - Pirates!
    - Sensible World of Soccer
    - Dyna Blaster
    - Silkworm

    - Civilization (II, III, IV, V)
    - Heroes of Might and Magic (II, III, IV, V, VI)
    - Diablo (I, II, III)
    - Elder Scrolls (II, III, IV, V)
    - Europa Universalis (II, III, IV)
    - Hearts of Iron (II, III)
    - Dungeon Siege (I, II)
    - Baldur's Gate (I, II)
    - Neverwinter Nights (I, II)
    - Planescape: Torment
    - Fallout (II, III)
    - Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
    - Quake (I, II, III)
    - Empire

    And I have probably forgotten some more.

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    I don't really get addicted to video games but the closest that I ever got to truely feeling addicted was after playing the game Galak-Z!

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    Paradroid and Trolls and Tribulations.

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    Going by individual systems:

    Amstrad CPC: Elite (I even bought a second copy in disk, to replace my original tape, so that it would load quicker)
    Commodore 64: Manic Miner or maybe Impossible Mission
    Playstation: Tomb Raider
    Playstation 2: Gran Turismo 3
    Dreamcast: Phantasy Star Online
    XBox: Forza
    XBox 360: Forza 4

    The PC is my format of choice, and there my biggest addiction was probably EverQuest. World of Warcraft is probably the game I've played the most, though, but it never had the effect on me that EQ did.
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    Most addicted Atari Games i was playing and i still using Atari 2600 emulator

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    Duke Nukem - awesome! Come get some!

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    Also i remember Ufo Enemy Unknown taking up loads of my time too.

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    Wasteland.... on my beloved C64
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