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Thread: Nintendo NES Mini

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    Default Nintendo NES Mini

    Nintendo has announced the release of the NES Mini. Comes with 30 games.

    Only $59.99 for the US and after Australia Tax it's $99.95

    Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition - Official Site

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    If you looked at my updates I've liked to share with all of you too as well I've gotten my Mini NES for my birthday last year & yep i have it out on display too as well & yep i love it as 1 of my favorite consoles & plus that awesome system does have some of my favorite games on there heck i might have to say i love all of the games on there too as well & yes i proudly say it's part of my collection too as well .

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    I STILL haven't picked one of these up, but need to ASAP
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