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Warbear_nG | 21 March 2011 | 4 Comments

I want to make you my dear reader aware of what TOG Rift is about.A man sits at his computer; he powers it up and starts the static filled hum of the unit as it loads the operating system and starts the path to the glory of online gaming and the associated anonymity of it all.  After a random period of time, defined only by the longest period of time acceptable for someone to NOT punch the computer because it’s going too slow, although sometimes so fast that you go to make the usual cup of coffee and grab a snack only to come back and find the computer has not only somehow defied its own laws, and has started, and gone into hibernation, forcing a restart, because it has a problem coming out of hibernation. 

Eventually it loads, and the man is able to interact with the online world.  It is connected to the internet, on a fast connection so that he can access his work as quickly as possible, this IS plausible you know(!).  He looks into the eye of the maelstrom that is his desktop icon mess, and finds the one he seeks.  Small, purple, elusive, alluring and evocative…

The glow of carefully aligned pixels diffuses across his face, throwing his expectant expression into deep deep relief...The man opens a rift, albeit an important and yet insignificant one.  The soft music starts and he waits for any updates, and any information he should know about to appear on his screen.  The glow of carefully aligned pixels diffuses across his face, throwing his expectant expression into deep deep relief.  He sees a login screen, and he begins to type the password for his account, all the while a pit of worms broils in his stomach at the thought of logging in and finding a naked character, stripped of everything he/she owns.

Then he hits the queue…

Soon, with a great deal of relief, he sees the login screen fade and open the character selection screen, and they are all dressed and ready to go.  His avatars consist of an giant cleric, a warrior that has some masculinity issues and a mage with designs of power.  He selects the one he wants to play, the avatar is loaded in a matter of moments, and an experience full of wonder begins for the man, as he finds the world he left has changed, and the one he leaves now has changed as well as he is absorbed into the world of Telara…

…Welcome to TOG Rift Division.

Let us step back to reality for a moment.  Last article, I went through what the game Rift was, I looked out how the game worked, what it was about and how it structured mechanically for a few things.  I basically looked at just the game itself.  I want to talk this time about the Division.  I want to look at the changes the division has gone through in such a short period of time, and look at some numbers.  I want to make you my dear reader aware of what TOG Rift is about.

I think since a lot of people are interested in numbers, we will look at some statistics.  Before the game had gone live, we had in the division just over 150 people sign up to join TOG in Rift.  This is without many having beta or head start access, and were just going to play the game.  Since then, we have grown, A LOT.

Roughly 500 players, maybe more not counting alts in different guilds...Just the Defiant guild alone has now had over 350 people join it, with posts for the guild at the time of me writing this topping 420.  That’s with just ONE toon, and many like myself have joined with many.  The Older Gamers as a guild on Defiant side on Wolfsbane is the largest guild on the server at best guess, with active participation averaging at around 100 members at a time.  I think the guardian is sitting on about 140 or so members and the other guilds are building as well.  Most recently we added a new guild who started with 40 members!

Let’s define some real numbers:

    1 DC
    2 vDC
    5 GLs
    3 AGLs
    16 Guild Officers
    20 non-member ranks to assist with other tasks
    We have 5 guilds, on 4 shards.
    Roughly 500 players, maybe more not counting alts in different guilds, with an average of 3 characters per toon, that’s just in ONE guild, over 1800 characters.
    We had our first member toon reach level 50 in one week, and several more since then.
    Several crafters in just over 2 weeks hit maximum crafting level of 300 on at LEAST one profession. 
    We have had several server firsts on multiple shards
    We have also had several accounts hacked in the same time
    Some are being used by spammers as well and accounts are locked
    We have had one GL resign and move on sadly
    We have had controversy both great and small
    And a great community within TOG has sprung up on the TeamSpeak server.

So how does TOG do it?  Well first off the leadership is great, and the support from the TOG admins has been fantastic.  It’s not all been smooth running, but the growth of the division and the growth of Rift has outstripped anything anyone could have expected.  In fact this growth itself has caused some consternation and friction, and with such a mix of personalities and styles of gaming, it is a testament to the leadership of the division, and the support of the TOG admins that things have gone as smoothly as they have.

The division has spread its wings across multiple shards, all time zonesBeyond the division having had unprecedented growth, and activity; comments have come thick and fast about problems, issues, awards, prizes, shard firsts, laughs, frustrations and so many more things in such a short period of time.  The division has spread its wings across multiple shards, all time zones, and it has had its admin staff grow considerably since the beginning of the division.

Since the beginning of the division Monk has assigned two more folks to help him in the Vice Division Captain roles (Getafix and Warbear).  Both bring a level of experience to the table, and both are here to support Monk, and to help him get things done to the benefit of the majority of people.  Each guild in turn has one Guild Leader, and each has broken the guilds they run down into various levels of in game structure that best suits the guilds.  Of course with something as new as this game is, these are changing a lot of the time to suit the growing needs of each guild.

In game, like I suspect most TOG divisions do, well maybe in the MMO division at least, each member of the guilds seem to be helping other guild members out.  For the most part this support is sans quid pro quo, offering and asking and freely giving as a result.  Without this, many members would not have the things they do have now, and it shows in the community and gratitude of in kind actions that take place.

...the DCs, and GLs are like the feet of a duck...Like any good division of TOG, there is a lot of things going on in the background, that are never seen, and the DCs, and GLs are like the feet of a duck, madly swimming to keep not only the duck afloat, but also moving as smoothly as it can.  Of course, it’s unfair to think of all of the division as a duck, in fact it’s a tad fowl!  ;)

Are you playing Rift?  Are you interested in seeing how a large guild, as part of a large division, as part of a larger online community plays a game?  I would encourage you if you meet TOGs requirements, to join us.  Even if you want to join us just for some grouping, some PVP or for instance raiding, farming, or just to come and have a giggle, I encourage you to get in touch.  Come look in the division forums, get to know us, we don’t bite!  Though I can’t promise anybody anything.

Now, where did I put that axe.,..?

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Hello, new member to ToG and I’m looking for info on how to join the guild in game.  I’m in Wolfsbane/Defiant/Marior.  Thanks!!

Hi I’m curious too on how to join the guild in game because I have no idea to what to do or how to do it.

I’m in wolfsbane, am a necro defiant namede Delvira, if I remember correctly she should be lvl eight or nine. Your help will be much appreciated.

Thanks. :)

Angelica, if you wish to join TOG you first have to apply to join the game community.  This is done via the forums.  If you are over 25 and have no criminal record (ok the criminal record is optional ;) ) then port your application and as long as you are happy with our policies and guidelines you’ll be accepted.

Then it’s a matter of posting your name in an invite thread in the TOG Rift forums (which as a member you will have access to) and ask someone in the game to shoot you an invite :)


Hi, This is Bastogne of the Wolfsbane Defiant side in Rift.  I spoke with Mactwistie about membership tonight.  I have applied and posted for membership in TOG, and i’d like to join the Defiant guild on Wolfsbane.  Contanct me in game.  Thank you.

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