RIFT Guild Officers announced!

Warbear_nG | 20 February 2011 | 1 Comment

Earlier in the week Monk announced the Guild Leaders for the division, and it is with some pride I get to report on who is who.  Guild teams are broken down into the following people:

Defiant (PVE)
Leader:  Amara
Officers:  Getafix, BishopNZ and Zaul Ty’valger

Guardian (PVE)
Leader:  Moriir
Officers:  Muttonchops, Xmudder and Gorne

Leader:  Zedakiah
Officers:  Solarbear88

In a recent survey, it was discovered that over 150 people had commited to Rift before the final beta had even started.  That final beta is currently under way, and there has been a LOT of activity in both TeamSpeak and in the game itself.  With the numbers expected to play the game, with the comments so far being about how amazing this game is in beta, the Rift experience is going to be one full of fun, surprises and great achievements for TOG.

Feel free to contact any member of the guilds in game during Beta for access, and the GLs and GOs post game launch for access to join the guilds. 

Coming soon: 

    Decision on the actual server(s) we will be playing on.
    Guild names.

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Hello I normally don’t like these kinds of posts but.....is anyone else having trouble connecting to Rift Wolfsbane?

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