24 Feb: Rift Headstart

Warbear_nG | 20 February 2011 | 6 Comments

RIFT commences headstart on the 24th of February.  That’s right, the game is going to go live in less than a week!  That is ONLY if you have preordered.  You can grab a copy through any of the following listed stores, and or locations online.  It comes in two flavours (normal and collectors edition), with a lot of benefits.  One of them is that you can save on subscription for the game with a pre order, to the amount that the monthly subscription is down to under $10 USD!

But you MUST have your preorder and subscription done BEFORE the 21st of February!  Note too with the shelf collectors ed.  When you buy it, you SHOULD be given a card from the store and it will have a key on it to use in your account.  This will give you the access to beta right now, and to the game at headstart as well.  Off the shelf versions will no be available till March 1st for pickup.

Where to buy RIFT:

    Trion Worlds

What does it include?  Click on this link to go to the official page.


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So if I pre-order the game today, on the 21st of February, am I too late?

No you shouldn’t be too late, steam gives you a key right away, and I think Direct 2 drive does as well.  You still have time to preorder.  Beta is over, but the headstart is on the 24th.

Also I read that the founder subscription pricing is good until the 15th of March. Read it on the faq on the rift website.

Is ToG going to have a guild in Rift ?

I’m an aussie based player and read that alot of the Aus community is going to be on Wolfsbane, unless ToG has a presence in Rift i guess i’ll be heading with the rest of the Aussie gamers.

In another post “Confirmed by Amara and Moriir (Defiant and Guardian GLs respectively) this afternoon, The Older Gamers PVE section of the Rift Division is moving to the Wolfsbane server from launch, with a guild being created on both the Defiant and Guardian sides as soon as possibe.”

We’ve had some fun on Belmont during Beta too.
TOG raid in Guardian territory during beta

I didn’t have the cash to pre-order before now.  Have I already missed the head start or would I be able to get in now and play over the weekend?

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