RIFT Servers Defined

Warbear_nG | 23 February 2011 | 9 Comments

Trion worlds announced today the list of servers (slightly modified from previous lists) that will go live on the 24th.  The following list is a complete listing of all servers.

Confirmed by Amara and Moriir (Defiant and Guardian GLs respectively) this afternoon, The Older Gamers PVE section of the Rift Division is moving to the Wolfsbane server from launch, with a guild being created on both the Defiant and Guardian sides as soon as possibe. 

The List:

    North America / Oceanic
    Belmont PvE
    Briarcliff PvP
    Byriel PvE
    Deepstrike PvP
    Faeblight RP
    Gnarlwood PvE
    Greybriar PvE
    Keenblade PvE
    Lotham PvP
    Reclaimer PvP
    Seastone PvP
    Shadefallen RP
    Shatterbone PvE
    Snarebrush PvP
    Spitescar PvP
    Sunrest PVP-RP
    Wolfsbane PvE

    Europe Servers
    Akala DE RP
    Brutwacht DE PvE
    Trübkopf DE PvP
    Argent EN RP
    Blightweald EN PvE
    Cloudborne EN PvP
    Firesand EN PVP-RP
    Icewatch EN PvE
    Steampike EN PvE
    Whitefall EN PvP
    Brisesol FR PvE
    Rubicon FR PvP

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Sweet! Im SO ready to play again! Hope to see you all in game on the 24th!

Has the PvP section of the Rift Division decided on the server and faction?

I’d love to join you guys, but like most of us here, a job and life keep me from playing as much as I’d like to.  As a result, from day one at 5pm Pacific time, Wolfsbane queues have been at 1-8 hours, with no end in sight.  If that manages to go away at some point, I would be glad to join you all Defiant-side. 
Until Trion gets these queues down or implements a higher cap, I’m not about to wait 2 hours to play 2 hours. 

For the time being, I’m on Silkweb...the only one that didn’t have a queue on the 24th.

Same here my good friend. I had to bow out too,due to extremely long ques. Im also dissapointed mate.

Hi just downloading the rift game now.  Just noticing on the rift site the wolfsbane server is high population; how is play may i ask?

The game itself is what a lot of us have been waiting for.It has the best things from a lot of popular games,and some of its own to boot. Its truly unique right now. You wil love the graphics. Unfortunately WOLFSBANE here in America always has a queue,as long as an hour or more to gt on.Myself I decided to go to another server to be able to play whenever I wanted. Enjoy.

Does one just collar a TOG guildy and whisper a secret password?

think I might of posted in wrong place, so I will repost.
I am already playing on wolfsbane actually have characters on both sides, but my main is a warrior on Defiance side named “Exterra” would love to join you.

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