RIFT Division News

How We Roll

Posted by Warbear_nG | 21 March 2011

The latest article for Rift has more of an idea of how the division works, more over it gives a general idea of what we are about, and how we have progressed. To know details, and get into what we do and ...

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RIFT Servers Defined

Posted by Warbear_nG | 23 February 2011

Trion worlds have announced the servers, and TOG has chosen.

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RIFT Live Client Released

Posted by Warbear_nG | 23 February 2011

With the close of beta, breaths have been held for the release of the live client, well breathe easy as today was the day.

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RIFT Guild Officers announced!

Posted by Warbear_nG | 20 February 2011

With the imminent release of Rift as a game no longer in Beta, RIFT DC Monk has announced those people chosen, and who have accepted the roles of Guild Officers.

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