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Ulric | 1 August 2012 | 4 Comments

Come join us in The Secret World for a free weekend!

This weekend, Friday, August 3rd at 4PM GTM until Monday, August 7th at 7AM GMT, Funcom opens the door to The Secret World for a free weekend.

Any previous player, be it through beta or now inactive account, can rejoin for this weekend - while new and interested people can register to participate.

Our Secret World Division is full of people talking about the game and helping out new people.
We would welcome anyone that wishes to learn more about the game, there’s nothing wrong with checking in just for some information!

So if you have an interest for a modern-day MMO where you’ll be part of a secret society and fight against real-day myths, this is the place for you!

TOG have the majority of members on the Huldra dimension, and the bulk of our players have joined the Templars. Even so, we do have Illuminati and Dragon guilds as well.
In addition, you can join up with the guild, and other players, no matter which dimension you are on. TSW have no region-specific servers, and all chat and grouping goes across dimensions.
Fusang PvP is the only thing in TSW that is restricted by dimension.

Full post on The Secret World’s homepage - HERE!

See you in The Secret World!

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thanks for the heads up

miffedplatypus | 04:24 am - 4 August 2012

I’m tempted, very tempted.  I’ve seen such good things about it!

This has to be open whenever there is an opportunity to convince those previous players who happened to be busy with their life. It also encourage newbies to register and join for free in the Secret World. -how do i get more followers on soundcloud

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