STO: Lets Do Some Reruns!

Shogun | 5 May 2011 | 0 Comments

Cryptic studios are giving STO players another chance to earn the limited time rewards from the 3 feature episode series.  Starting with The Breen series (5th May – 11th May), followed by The Devidian series (12th May – 18th May) and concluding with The Cloaked Intentions series (19th – 25th).

The limited time rewards was given to STO players for completing a series during its initial release schedule and since then there have been requests on the official STO forums for a chance to get these rewards again for those who missed it the first time.  In fact, the feature episode rerun month was mentioned during an interview by a Cryptic representative on an episode of STOked, a weekly online show by Jupiter Broadcasting that covers Star Trek Online.

The limited time rewards are:

1. The Breen Series: A Breen Bridge Officer (5th May – 11th May)

2. The Devidian Series: Ophidian Cane (12th May – 18th May)

3. The Cloaked Intentions Series: A Reman Bridge Officer (19th May – 25th May)

So if you had missed out the first time or have new characters that haven’t got them, this is your chance.

There are additional rewards beyond the abovementioned for participating in these reruns as well.  As stated on the official Star Trek Website:

Our first Feature Episode Rerun - The Breen - starts May 5 and ends May 12. Play to earn the series-exclusive Breen Bridge Officer and special Rerun Rewards, Marks and Emblems, including the Absolute Zero ship set!

It would seem that there would be different additional rewards given for each of the reruns.  So don’t miss out! 

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