STO: Melee Weapon Pack

Shogun | 27 February 2011 | 0 Comments

A new melee weapon pack is now available for 240 Atari Token from the ingame C-Store.  It comprises of the Vulcan’s Seleya Ceremonial Lirpa and the Klingon Kri’stak Blade.  Once purchased both weapons are available to any character on any factions which has the rank of Lieutenant or higher.  Both weapons increase in effectiveness as the wielder increases in rank.

The Seleya Ceremonial Lirpa

Created by weaponsmiths who follow an ancient tradition that dates back to before the Sundering, the Seleya Ceremonial Lirpa is forged with ore gathered from the scared mountain at the heart of Vulcan’s Forge.

The Kri’stak Blade

When Kahless the Unforgetable created the first bat’leth, he forged the blade in the fires of the Kri’stak volcano.  For hundreds of years, blade masters from the Kri’stak region have created some of the finest bat’leths in the Empire in his honor.

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