STO: Multi-Vector Advanced Escort

Shogun | 11 March 2011 | 0 Comments

The much anticipated Multi-Vector Advanced Escort (MVAE) is now available ingame for 1200 Atari Token from the C-Store or for 500 Emblems from the Earth Spacedock shipyard.  Star Trek Fans would remember well the U.S.S. Prometheus which was seen in the Star Trek: Voyager episode ‘Message in a Bottle.’ The U.S.S. Prometheus was the only named ship of its class seen onscreen. 

While the Prometheus-class ship (Advanced Escort) is available since the launch of Star Trek Online, they lack the unique ability that made the original onscreen version famous.  That ability is known as the Multi-Vector Assault Mode, in which the vessel divide into three ships – the saucer, the upper engineering hull, and the lower engineering hull – to allow for multiple independently moving weapons platforms.  With the release of the MVAE players are finally given that ability.

The MVAE comprises of two parts.  The first part is the ship itself.  While the MVAE is identical in appearance (including all the different customization options) to the Advanced Escort, it is varies slightly in terms of bridge officer slots.  Looking at the diagram below, we can see that the MVAE has 3 Tactical and 1 Science stations while the Advanced Escort has 2 Tactical and 2 Science stations.

The second part is the Multi-Vector Assault Module (MVAM), a universal console which gives the MVAE or the Advanced Escort the ability to go into Multi-Vector Assault Mode.  The console is transferable but only works on the two classes.  If a player prefers their old Advanced Escort compared to the MVAE, then all the player has to do is to install the console on their ship and 3 MVAM abilities become available.

The 3 abilities determine which parts of the ship a player will command.  They are designated Alpha, Beta and Gamma command.  Looking at the diagrams below, we can see that each parts of the ship have different capabilities.

The MVAM will definitely add an interesting new element to the space combat aspect of the game. 

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