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Shogun | 2 June 2011 | 2 Comments

As May comes to an end, let us look back at what have transpired in Star Trek Online in the past month.  It has been a very active May and Cryptic Studios have given lot to the STO community especially in term of end mission rewards, so without further ado, let us recapped from the start.

Crypt Studios announced that last May would be a month dedicated to the rerunning of the 3 feature episodes:  The Breen Series, The Devidian Series and the Cloak Intentions Series.  Players who had missed the chances to get the time-limited end rewards from these series would have the chance to do so, but it didn’t just end there.  The developers have added addition rewards which will remain available even after the reruns are over, but wait!  Doesn’t stop there!  Two remastered missions from the original storyline line arc have been released and they have some cool end mission rewards as well!  Let us take a look at these rewards.

The Breen Series
Episode One: Cold Call—Polarized Parabolic Deflector *
Episode Three: Cold Comfort—Rapid Fire Transphasic Torpedo Launchers
Episode Four: Cold Case—Supercooled Combat Impulse Engine *
Episode Five: Cold Storage—Dielectric Oscillation Resilient Shields *
* (This items are part of the Absolute Zero Ship Set)

Absolute Zero Ship Set

Perhaps the most significant of all the rewards is the Absolute Zero Ship Set.  It is the third set of ship gears introduced into STO that gives additional bonus and abilities when used together.  (The other two sets being the Borg Set and the Aegis Set.) It comprise of the Polarized Parabolic Deflector, the Supercooled Combat Impulse Engine and the Dielectric Oscillation Resilient Shields. 

For each item of the set equipped after the first, the additional power is gained:

2 of the Set: Superconduction Phase Channels
+30% Power Transfer Rate
+30 Starship Transphasic Projectiles

3 of the Set: Breen Energy Dissipator
Targets Foe
10 kilometer Range
0.5 sec activate
1 min 20 sec recharge
to target: -9 All Power Settings for 11 sec
to self: After 3 sec, +9 All Power Settings for 11 sec

The level of the items rewarded are based on the rank of the player at the time of mission completion.

Rapid Fire Transphasic Torpedo Launcher

This Transphasic Torpedo Launcher comes equipped with microfriction autoloaders and superconducting capacitors that reduce the reload time of the weapon.  Being the reward of a relative easy and short mission, a player could outfit his/her ships with these weapons with relatively no cost and only a bit of time. (Please note there is a 30min cool-down time before a player can repeat the same mission.)

The level of the item rewarded is based on the rank of the player at the time of mission completion.

The Devidian Series
Episode One: Skirmish—Phase-Shifted Personal Shield

Phase-Shifted Personal Shield

Personal Shields protect you by absorbing most of the damage from energy-based attacks, psionic damage in particular, and a portion of the damage from physical attacks. Shields rapidly regenerate once they have not sustained damage for a brief period of time.

The level of the item rewarded is based on the rank of the player at the time of mission completion.

The Cloaked Intention Series
Episode One: The Vault – Rare Shuttle/Fighter Weapons
Episode Two: Enemy Mine – Horta Mineralogy Research (Standard)

Rare Shuttle/Fighter Weapons

Equip your shuttles and fighters with the rare version instead of the normal ones you get from the shuttle requisition officer.

Rewards for Federation:
Phaser Beam Array Type S
Phaser Dual Cannons Type S

Rewards for Klingon:
Disruptor Beam Array Type S
Disruptor Dual Cannons Type S

The level of the items rewarded are based on the rank of the player at the time of mission completion.

Horta Combat Pet

Summons your Horta ally. The Horta has the ability to fight and will be able to use a basic attack that will apply acidic damage over time to its target.

Targets Friend and Self
30.48 meter Range
0.25 sec activate
10 min recharge
Creates a level X Horta for 60 sec

The Horta ally must be crafted at a Research and Development station.  Two of the key component in crafting your Horta is a Horta Hatchling and a Schematic: Horta Mineralogy Research (Standard) which is available as rewards for completing episode 2: Mine Enemy of the Cloak Intention Series.

Remastered Contents

Many of the original missions in Star Trek Online were created before advances in mission creation were developed. Things started to change with the release of the weekly series episodes, which implemented new game mechanics. Over time, these will be implemented in regular story arcs.

The first remastered episode was “Stranded in Space”, which went live with the 1st year anniversary update of Star Trek Online. Currently all of the episodes are scheduled to be remastered by the 2nd anniversary in 2012.


On May 27, two more remastered federation episodes were released, “Diplomatic Orders” and “The Doomsday Device”.  To celebrate the release of two remastered episodes, Cryptic Studios have added the following rewards:

Federation Mission
Stranded in Space – Azura Personal Comm Code
Diplomatic Orders – Data Recorder
The Doomsday Device – Hargh’peng Torpedo Launcher

Klingon Mission
Bringing Down the House – Vov’wI Personal Com Code

Azura Person Comm Code \ Vov’wI Personal Com Code

This device will call in the Azura II\Vov’wI when used in sector space and allow the player to access their bank from anywhere in the galaxy every 4 hours.

Data Recorder

A data recorder that will allow players to replay any of the Spock VO the player has unlocked in the game, as read by Leonard Nimoy.

Hargh’peng Torpedo Launcher

The Hargh’peng Torpedo launcher was designed by the Klingons to destroy the Doomsday Machine.  The torpedo must be shot down the maw of the Doomsday Machine in order to destroy it.

The Hargh’peng Torpedo is also very effective in battle as well, although it cannot be modified by Tactical Bridge Officer abilities like Torpedo High Yield and Torpedo Salvo.

The Hargh’peng Torpedo Launcher fires extremely potent radioactive torpedoes that will detonate on impact, and then cause radiation damage over time.  If the radiation damage is not removed with Hazard Emitters or similar means, a secondary internal explosion will detonate causing massive damage that will bypass shields.

The level of the launcher rewarded is based on the rank of the player at the time of mission completion.


Not too bad for just the month of May and with season 4 just being weeks away, this is an exciting time to be playing STO.

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They defnitely have been busy working on STO and making it better IMO.  The Breen set is pretty nice.  Works pretty well on escorts and science ships.  Still like my Aegis set on my cruisers/carriers though.  Nice writeup.  Thanks.

Yeh games is coming along in leaps and bounds!

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