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Ulric | 1 July 2009 | Comments off

A game 9 years in the making, Team Fortress 2 (TF2) spawned from its father, Team Fortress, on September 28th, 2007. Since that fateful day, we have built the TOG TF2 Division from the ground up with the main goal of unlimited fun, while introducing that slight competitive edge. The Division has gone from strength to strength, with members forming close, even brotherly friendships with our peers and our allies.

The Team Fortress 2 Division has a structure and administration like no other within TOG. We strive to keep a large majority of our division members happy by implementing players’ ideas and suggestions. These are reviewed by the Division Captain, Awesome, and implemented as needed – and if possible. Some of those ideas and suggestions are now the driving force behind the Division’s very existence. Read on!

Internal wars, one of those suggestions, have become a must for the Division, helping to keep interest levels high, and giving players an opportunity to learn to excel in all aspects of the game. The competition has a robotics theme (loved by some more than others), and the four Squads currently competing are largely named after Transformers. Squad Leaders manage their own group of players, and the squads battle it out whenever they can manage.

These squads have been fragging it out against each other in the Division’s own Internal Wars Ladder. Currently in its second season, the Ladder has with a very unique points scoring system. These teams have also recently created an external ladder team, Jetfire. The team, which has just entered the GA ladder system, hopes to achieve great things in the near future.

The TF2 division has its own, unique custom server, managed by a dozen keen and respected players within the Division. The server is our turf: we keep its atmosphere respectable and honour those who join the server as our own – and expect the same standards of behaviour. Things are sorted out quickly when it comes down to ‘keeping the fun alive’, and, as a result, the TOG server is considered to be one of the best custom TF2 servers in Australia. The server team, beneath its Division Captain, cannot be thanked enough for their hard work and personal contribution to the Division, and to TOG as a whole.

The TF2 Division uses a number of communication methods within itself. Ventrillo, and the new ‘Mumble’ craze, allows us to vocally trade our thoughts and ideas through its channels when we have meetings. It’s also used for our friendly games and weekly event, such as Vanilla Nights (no custom maps), Robin Hoods Nights, and special player suggested events, such as the recent epic (and hilarious) TOG vs TYG battle, which saw proud TOG parents thrash their beloved offspring. We share a lot with each other, our lives, in game, over Vent and in our active forums, and help each other out where ever we can. Communication within TF2 is a formidable key for its expansion and strength.

Division members are almost all based in the Australian / New Zealand basin - but don’t hold that against us! A major goal for the TF2 Division is to expand our player base to all around the globe. With the right people, fun follows, and divisional funding and global servers can’t be far behind!

For those based in AU/NZ you can always join the TF2 Division by posting your details requested in the TF2 ‘Hello! - post here on Arrival’ thread. If you’re not AU/NZ, drop by anyway; we try our best to accommodate every player around the globe, and we hope to see you on our server sometime soon. Our arms are always open to new players to frag. 

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