TF2 Aussie Christmas

Tilce | 24 December 2010 | 1 Comment

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Added Medieval Mode, a game mode where players are restricted to using olde weapons.

‘Your Eternal Reward’ changes:
Spies can now change their disguise weapon via ‘lastdiguise’ while using ‘Your Eternal Reward’
Already-disguised ‘Your Eternal Reward’ Spies are no longer forced to switch to displaying the melee weapon when they make a kill
Spies no longer play speech lines when making a kill with ‘Your Eternal Reward’
Sentries no longer track ‘Your Eternal Reward’ Spies after they backstab someone

‘Natascha’ changes:
Spin-up time increased.
Slowdown-on-hit effect is reduced over distance.

Added ‘The Medi-eval Medic’, ‘The Hibernating Bear’, and ‘The Expert’s Ordnance’ item sets.

Added new weapons: ‘The Claidheamohmor’, ‘The Back Scratcher’, ‘The Boston Basher’, ‘The Fists of Steel’, ‘The Amputator’, ‘The Crusader’s Crossbow’, ‘The Ullapool Caber’, ‘The Loch-n-Load’, ‘The Buffalo Steak Sandvich’, ‘The Brass Beast’, ‘The Warrior’s Spirit’, ‘The Candy Cane’, and ‘The Jag’.

Added 20 new hats.

Added a prototype item testing map, and associated functionality, for contributors to test their work. Further details in an upcoming blog post.

Spies can now see TargetID’s of players and objects regardless of their own disguise status.

Fixed some speech lines continuing after the speaker changes class
The Spy ‘Sap Auteur’ achievement now increments in cases where the Spy was the assister in the building destruction.
Fixed the arrow burning effect getting stuck on if you changed class in a respawn room with your arrow lit.
Fixed a Flamethrower bug that allowed players to rapidly fake the Pyro’s airblast effect.
Throwing the Jarate or Milk now returns you to your previous weapon, instead of your Primary.
Added leaderboard to track duel wins.

Added ability for players to donate money directly to the creators of their favorite community maps.
Increased backpack size by 100 slots.

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