TF2 Ozfortress Winter League

Tilce | 11 December 2010 | Comments off

A dedicated group of TF2 players forged ahead an took on the rest of Australia in the latest ozfortress Winter League. Looking at a strong team for this event, the TF2 external squad were looking like we could do very well in Division 4 of the session. We picked up a new demo-man in Satan as he joined TOG at just the right time. However, after the first game our Medic (exe) had ISP issues and could no longer play which meant that our back up medic had to take on the role again full time.

Our scout team really picked up the pace towards the end of the session with Pugs showing BAD BREATH the way to play scout and showed his aim was superb. One of our soldiers (Kear) improved from week to week to cement his place in the team as Spotter (squad leader) showed signs of age.

With this star line up improving from week to week, our form came at the wrong end of the session. With games that they should have won early and then getting the harder teams towards the end. The only game the team won was the last game and finished dead last in the win/loss ratio, but with a line up like we have, look out next season!

To the TF2 external team it is not really about the win/loss ratio. It is about having fun in competition games. With this in mind the team did win the most important award for ozfotress Winter League…

OWL4 Div winners of: The Friendliness Team

Check the OWL4 thread for the rest of the winners.

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