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Thread: Introduction thread

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    Hey, I'm Chrispy, I understand that I'm under the required age (by just over a year) but I was hoping to join, as I play a few games that Tog play and was hoping to join players from the older community. I have played with Tog and former Tog members in the past and would like to continue playing with tog members as they are often more mature than a lot of players I find online.

    I started gaming when I was quite young, my older brother had all the latest consoles that came out (ps1, ps2, 64, xbox.......ect) and I would join him or watch him play, if he wasn't home, I would sneak in and play the console he was playing at the time. I have vivid and fond memories of games like 007 Goldeneye, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 and 4, Motorhead, Mario brothers, MarioKart, DiddyKong Racing, Halo, just to name a few, playing these with my brothers, cousins and sometimes dad.....Always trying to be the best in the family.

    I love gaming, I spend most of my time doing so, I have a small gaming group that I play games with, quite consistently, various games, we float around playing what we feel like at the time, whether it's a constant ongoing game that we play every couple of days for a few hours, or a game that we play religiously non-stop (almost).....I love games, I will have a go at most games, I am not the best, but I play for fun, discovery and teamwork.

    I do work, just like most people, but I play games most of the, time when I have spare time.

    So that's me, any questions, feel free to ask.

    And once again, I do understand that I am under the age requirement, but I hope you can look past it, I am a mature person (most of the time) and I like playing games with older people as they have more respect for others (so do I) and I like helping others (where possible).

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    Gday Crispy,
    Firstly thanks for your honesty about your age but unfortunately the age limit is 25 and as much as we'd like to "bend" the rules so to speak we can't.

    Please feel free to use all our assets in our public areas until you hit 25 (not too long I see) and when you do turn 25 please reapply here and we'll get you straight in.


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    Ok, thanks. Have a good one.

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