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    I guess my story is pretty similar to that of many that make their way here - I was bored playing games alone, so I decided to look for like minded people to group up with. And unfortunately that rules out a large chunk of the adolescent playerbase

    So a little about me:
    I'm from Israel, 33 years old and during the day I work pretty long hours as a data scientist.
    Lately I have been mostly playing Overwatch, but have been thinking of getting back into LoL. I'm also always on the lookout for a decent mmorpg that has open world PvP, if anyone has any suggestions

    I'd like to believe that I'm a relatively calm and supportive guy (which might be why I tend to specialize in playing supports :P), but there's nothing I love more in a game than finding that perfect symmetry with my team that lets us stomp the enemy team.

    My biggest hope here would be to be able to make some real friends to hang with while playing games.

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