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Thread: Hi all, Noob to TOG here.

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    Default Hi all, Noob to TOG here.

    Howdy all,

    My name is David Frisken and I have just joined TOG.

    I am 36yo and currently live in Alexandria, Sydney. I am originally from the Far North Coast of NSW.

    I work in IT support. I also have an ACA cabling licence and have been doing Nextep ADSL installs since the end of 2001 for the company I worked for.

    I have been doing the computer thing since 1979. First using an old Bus 100 Computer that my doctor owned, and played the original Star Trek ascii game. I then learnt Basic programming on a Toshiba T200 - CPM/Toshiba Basic machine. The next PC was a Multitech Apple II clone and I had time on a DEC PDP11 mini-computer for a year.

    Next came an Amiga 500 at which stage I opened a Commodore Dealership which I ran until they folded.

    I have several PC's networked at home at the moment (my partner even let me put one beside the bed) and run an SBS 2000 server and a linux box.

    As far as online gaming goes, I dabbled a couple of years ago on 56k but didn't find it all that rewarding. So I stuck to LAN gaming at home with friends. Seven months ago i got 512k ADSL and discovered America's Army and have been heavily at it since.

    In October I injured my back at work and havent worked since. I have found gaming great therapy, as it takes my mind off the pain(violin plays in background), well thats what I tell my partner anyway.

    Enough rambling.

    TOG seems like a friendly group of people and I am looking forward to some online TEAM action.

    Cya all around the traps.

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    Hey Man

    Good to see you made it!

    And I play America's Army as well a fair bit, second most after BF.
    It's a good game.
    Just a quiet moment here on the forum, got about 18 of us in BF at the moment.

    U play under this nick?


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    SOME of us were playing C&C Generals!

    Welcome Major_Mess, if you play generals, pick a country
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    Welcome Major! *salutes*

    Proof that stupidity and experience aren't mutually exclusive

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    I hereby name thee - MESSY

    Welcome Messy.

    Get some BF and NWN and you're all set!

    TOG Member since 2002
    Donec in noctem claudit - 4DK!
    Possessum non opus!

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    Hiya mate. Sheesh look at all the pimps ... errr ... captains come out ...

    Hmmm, you up for MMORPG action ... hehehehe
    "So Shines a Good Deed in a Weary World" - Willy Wonka

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    Welcome to the fray Major!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rickety
    Hiya mate. Sheesh look at all the pimps ... errr ... captains come out ...

    Hmmm, you up for MMORPG action ... hehehehe
    Don't worry, Rickety. Just because all the other pimps.. captains got in before you did doesn't mean you can't "recruit" as well!

    And welcome, Messy.
    Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes. - Oscar Wilde

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    Hey Father

    I play as "Major_Mess" on America's Army. I really like the game and it would be great to get some others at TOG involved.

    On BF1942 I have been playing as "Major Mess". Ive only had the game for 7 days (Put in a few 16hr+ sessions though). I had tried the demo last year and it seemed too full of mayhem and no teamwork. Which I guess was because people didnt use the comms, or know it existed.

    Anyhow I have had some great games where everyone has worked together (or a few of us anyway). When it happens the teamwork makes it a great experience.

    Cya on the battlefield.

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