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Forum: The Barracks

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    TOG Spirit: bragging rights.

    TOG MechWarrior Division is always active in the field. Stitchedup decided to brag about his efforts in battle. A worthy brag that I thought was worth sharing:

    "First time i have cracked 2000+ points in a invasion match in a very long time. I have played 5 before hand and got absolutely smashed every time, we had this guy giving some pretty outrages calls and plans but it workout in the end,just. (i thought we where going to get pasted again with the large group against us)_

    That is with the added hurdle of a family emergency. It was the first push of they enemy into Gamma gate and the call had been made early to set up a firing line in the culdesac and the idea was to cause maxium dmg and win an early trade. As they pushed in the battle was so fierce that many of the clanners retreat out the gate to cool down, i look down and notice that my baby girl had taken of her nappy. No big deal? i will put that back on after i lose this mech cool, but wait the nappy is full of POO and her bottom is covered too. Oh shit indeed, i call over my five year old "son dont let the baby sit down!" he comes over and i try to back out of the fire fight, i take out a MAD-IIC on the way to park up my MAL-MX90 in safe spot. I grab the kid to do a quick clean and change, bin the nappy do a minior wipe on the floor and return to battle to compete in a nail biter and walk away with a great score. Thats how true warriors roll."


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    Interest: Cognitive bias - When your beliefs get in the way of reality...

    OICURMT has created a thread looking at perception verses reality when viewed by a silent witness of game demo recording. This understanding is useful for members playing as well as our Game Ops in FPS. Over time we should see some interesting videos.

    Thanks OICURMT.