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Discussion in 'MMORPG Games: The Realms' started by Harrowed, May 12, 2004.

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    May want to check out e-Games from Malaysia as they have numerous open betas running at once. Some are quite good but they use their own Game Engine which isn't super dooper snazzy with all the bangs and whistles but have been playing Knight Online and loving it (well was before move to Adelaide anyway). Love the fact that you can hit level 10 in 30 mins easy and decent drops aren't as rare for newbies as hard-line gamers.

    Just thought you guys should get a heads up.
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    Malaysian MMORPGs

    First KO, Knight Online.

    I played it for a while until I spend a few million trying to upgrade my bow and failed totally. The randomness involved in weapon upgrading is a joke.

    And drops, you must be lucky, I know I never got anything good, all my money came from camping in a dungeon, where it was the only place i found some good drops. Yet I know many lucky players getting good loot. Mob camping is too rampant in this game bcos of the irregularities in mob drops.

    Also the inability of it's engine to auto face the enemy sucks as by the time u turn to face an enemy, u got a few sucker punch.

    This game seems to be a Korean MMORPG reject. Ditto goes for Laghaim. Laghaim took me 2 weeks b4 I could start playing and when I finally did, it was "OMG an 80's style FPS made into a MMORPG ?". Another completely outdated Korean by-gone. Both are really weak looking in this age when u seen games like SWG, DAoC, AO, EQ etc etc. Probably from a time when Koreans tried developing their own engines when MMORPG started becoming a fad. The successful Korean MMORPGs are now smart Koreans who gave up developing their own engine and adopted another, aka Lineage !

    There's another new game launched, name of Chronous, I gave up trying to download it DESPITE it's on local servers to me, being Malaysian and having DSL. Non Malaysians beware, E-Games Main ISP, Tm Net is a lousy ISP prone to numerous network and connectivity problems, so much even E-Games are tired of their inferior service but then they are the "so-called" main ISP in the countryand the only one able to provide E-Games with what they need. Truly a sad look into the pathetic state of ISP in Malaysia. Luckily after 3 years of waiting I got my DSL connection and it isnt with this Tm Net, I've applied for more than 2 years already, not given. My ISP is another ISP who gives me wireless DSL. I'm Very Grateful for Wireless technology, it breaks the monopoly / advantage of TmNet who is owned by the main telco in the country, Telekoms who controls all the phone lines. This has allowed me DSL connection finally.

    FWO, Fungwan Online was smart in making a Singaporean company their game distributer and it is the ONLY pure Malaysian developed MMORPG and it is now P2P as compared to the others. My consensus is that it is okie except that I reckon Phoenix spend too much resources on the engine / system development and too little on game content. And despite spending so much time on the engine, the graphics are still quite weak. About Game Content, I'm afraid it is based on a HK comic book which is renown for inconsistency in it's story and plots. Personal bias after a steady diet of HK TV dramas for 25+ years, I never had much regards for HK writers, they do too little R&D compared to their western counterparts. If my mother didnt control the remote in the house, perhaps I would be able to watch more western programs.

    For free Malaysian games, Ragnarok Online, is 2D as KO and is better I say, though I wont play that, I cannot accept 2D games anymore. I believe it has gone P2P though I'm not sure. Its partially malaysian for i think it has taiwanese roots as well.

    One Malaysian MMORPG Distributer I would recommend is CIB, checkout


    These games are okie, both are Taiwan MMORPGs now made into English versions. Fairyland had good game content and I had fun running 5 characters / accounts simultaneously lol u can open game client in a few separate windows. I just downloaded RYL yesterday, which I read, u can level 10 levels in 45 mins and where the highest ranked players are almost level 60 despite a wipe and starting on May 1st, 12 days ago only. :) Not TOGers style I'm afraid, strictly crazy Asian 24/7 gamers since there's a few cars offered as the top prizes for the top players.

    Yes did I mention contests ? Yes both this CIB and E-Games both having contests, CIB offering prizes that include 2 cars and E-Games a total of 25 Mil in total prizes.

    So-called "Malaysian" MMORPGs, the free ones are actually Korean vs Taiwanese MMORPGs actually, take your pick.

    But all will lose out overall when u can easily afford P2P games which are all better.

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