I might be hooked.....

Discussion in 'Warframe (Public)' started by LegoVlad, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. LegoVlad

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    I just had a look and apparantly I've already played 90 hours in Warframe in 3.5 weeks. That works out to about 25.7 hours a week. No wonder I'm barely finding time for my other games. Might need to take some time off work. Haha
  2. BlackIce

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    Nice one. I played 590 in total, but that was probably over almost a years duration.
    Warframe was great, as something I could jump into and play for a short while, as a break from my main games.
    I had pretty well exhausted the content though. I had all the warframes (excluding two Primes, which where just copies of what I had anyway) and they were all maxed. Some had been formaed and maxed a few times even. The same with weapons.
    Some of the mission types got reworked over the duration, which was really nice. I quite like survival missions. Something that was introduced just for an event, and was so popular it was tweaked and bought in as a normal mission type.

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