Looking for a Mature players Guild in World of Warcraft EU

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    Reposting after a cockup! :eek:

    Hi there! I am 50 and have played since Vanilla. I met my hubby on WoW 10 years ago and took a few short breaks, played FFXIV, Fallout4, for no longer than a few months. I always came back. I love the game and used to love the social aspect of it, but lately, I find that there are so many younger players, alot of Elitists and I seem to be slower than most. So much so, I am shy to tell people my actual age! My hubby (41 yrs) and I are looking to find a new home on EU servers. We are willing to relocate realms to find the guild suited to us. We can't fit into strict raid times, jso a relaxed raiding schedule would be best. I have completed up to Mythic +12s and hubby's done some lower keys. I have 10/10 normal AND HC (yes, Sire was a bastard, I died before the end, but I got the achievement lol. I would prefer to continue doing higher keys and some more hc raiding just for gear (211 for now).

    Anyone know a super guild that we can join? I main a Balance Druid, but have 16 characters I can level up if I like. Hubby plays a Demon Hunter and has another three or four characters too.
    We are open, love to laugh, have a pint or two, vino or four some nights and he's got a dirty mind (which is why I married him). Hope we find a home! Thanks, much Love, Luna ;)

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