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    With so many Campaign choices, I was wondering if some were better suited towards getting better gear and more boons, than others. I am currently at lvl 80 and am having a great time still in this game. (Usually when I cap out I move on to another game.)

    Thanks in advance.
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    There used to be, but with the latest edition (that included level 80), they normalized the boons. Now, by completing a campaign, you get a boon point that you apply to the next available slot, regardless of which campaign that boon came from.

    I've gotten a little burned out trying to do the Storm Kings Thunder campaign. That is a long and painful grind. I'm about done, but still lack motivation to harvest more Voninblood.

    For gear, since you're level 80, just do the latest series of storyline quests. The reward gear is a nice upgrade. There are still some pieces in Chult and Borovia that are better. You may need to get some of those to do ME (the latest dungeons) on tougher ranks to get the best gear.

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