RUST: Termoonator (RUSTY Servers)

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    Sep 3, 2014
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    Hi Lads, I'm looking to duo/trio or more next wipe; i have 3-4k hours solo on non solo servers RUSTY uber.

    I'd like a different/new experience.
    1. What was my old games? RTS and FPS. Top 5 worldwide (and trained the 2-3rd best) at AoE. Strong member of top clan in mohaa/cod/etc (insane group). Shit I won a blockbuster engraved watch in their first AU gaming tourney (I won VIC) and many others. My first gaming pc was the original 2x tone green monitor admstrad. But I'm rusty now. I need to be pushed. I'm 39 yo right now.
    2. Anyone responding pls tell me where you're coming from.

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