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    I have no idea what the changes have been because I haven't played for almost 5 years. needless to say my toons will probably be fire wizzy, Paladin and Friar
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    I've also been playing that game on&off since release. Subscription ran out just before this summer, guess I'll resub for the n'th time when I start to grow tired of Rift warfronts :)

    Biggest change if you haven't played for a very long time is Mythic shutting down all the old servers and creating the Ywain cluster (ywain1-ywain10). This is bascially one server cluster running the ToA ruleset.
    All RvR is taking place in same frontier regardless what Ywain server you play on.
    If you already have some toon on one of the old servers, Mythic has an option where you can move it to your ywain of choice.
    For those who quit daoc due to Artifacts and Master levels there is not much to worry about as Mythic has made life much easier when it comes to obtaning arties and MLs. Both can be bought from bounty points (RvR) and "glass" (dropped by some ToA mob).
    Dragon gear (old classic dragonzones) can also be obtained the farming way by killing mobs collecting scales, so all in all, gearing up isn't that bad.

    What seems to be a bit off though is the "new" Astral gear. This is gear obtained by farming ML10 encounters and seems to be what everybody is going for these days.
    You got two options here, either join one of those raids and pray for a drop (user or sell), or buy from others. Latter usually means paying in the range 100++ plat a piece...

    When it comes to RvR I don't think game has changed that much. During US and Euro prime time it seems to be relatively busy, especially during the weekends.
    You still have the stun-mezzing problem though, however there are abilities and gear that can make problem easier to overcome.

    Realm pride might not be as present as it used to be though. Alot of players got toons on all realms due to the Ywain server merge, so cross realming is sadly a problem. Mythics current solution to the problem is a 5 min timer preventing you from switching realm...

    Anyways, Daoc is still a decent game and the PvP-RvR is still unmatched if you ask me :)
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    Don't think I'll ever dust off my account, with my old Hibernia Guinevere characters (Nocturnal guild if anyone was there) but its really nice to see so many have the same fond memories as I do about the game.

    What was it that made this game so special?

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