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Thread: Anyone still playing this ?

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    Default Anyone still playing this ?

    As the title says ..

    I have the game and havent played it for a while due to lack of getting a decent game when im on . so i was just wondering if anyone from tog is still playing it .

    Cheers Aussiewolf

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    Check down in the team forums here:
    Someone there should be able to give you an answer.

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    thank mate will have a look around down there

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    Everytime I jump online I end up paired with Thai gamers. Weird.

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    Had a quick game tonight. Can only find a game if its attrition.

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    i think alot of pplz playing Titanfall 2 arent they?

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    I havent played TF1 for a little while but TF2 is my go to game.

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