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Thread: TOG Merchandise Has Arrived :)

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    TOG Merchandise Has Arrived :)

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    Cool TOG Merchandise Has Arrived :)

    It's what you've all been waiting for, TOG Merchandise is coming to a screen near you and it's available to order right now!

    Whether you want to slurp your coffee from a TOG Mug, dress up your iPhone or Galaxy in TOG colours or have a TOG Pillow fight in between raids we've got you covered.

    We will also literally have you covered with TOG Clothing (T-Shirts, Hoodies, Underwear ... ) very soon, but if you're desperate enough you can kickstart your gaming performance with a unique pair of TOG Boxer Shorts! (Don't Panic girls we'll have you covered very soon as well ).

    This project is a work in progress, there are a range of products available right now at our TOG Stores on RedBubble & Zazzle with many more products & new designs coming soon Both stores have great support and offer very generous returns policies.

    Help us support TOG, part proceeds from every product sold will be put straight back into TOG's coffers

    Oh and we have a Baseball Hat (colour options available) & a Performance Cap ...

    To view a complete list of Products visit our online stores at:

    For Halloween you can use the coupon code "draw-MADCAT" for a 20% discount at our RedBubble store, or "SPOOKYSALE16" for a 31% discount at our Zazzle store.

    Father has kindly entered into an agreement with our business, MADCAT Photography, giving us permission to use the TOG Registered Trademark and Logo on these products. If you have any questions then please contact Sebina.

    ~ Kira Lightfoot - 80 Ranger ~ Kitona Lightfoot - 80 Thief
    ~ Kirala Lightfoot - 80 Mesmer ~ Kaza Lightfoot - 80 Elementalist
    ~ Kirasa Lightfoot - 80 Warrior

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    TOG Merchandise
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    RedBubble have extended the Halloween sale to today as well using the code NEWSTUFF which you apply at the check out, its a bit subtle but its in light blue writing and says "Enter a coupon" Just above where it says how man items are in your order

    ~ Sebina Lightfoot - 80 Elementalist ~ Sebbie Lightfoot - 80 Ranger
    ~ Sebtimus Lightfoot - 80 Guardian ~ Sebini Lightfoot - 80 Necromancer
    ~ Sevina Lightfoot - 80 Engineer ~ Seblina Lightfoot - 80 Warrior

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    TOG Merchandise Has Arrived :)

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    Excellent! Thanks!
    I ordered two coffee cups for now, but hope to order more stuff later.

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