The Order of Gromril Triumph

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The Order of Gromril triumphs over the forces of Destruction and shine a beacon of hope across the war-torn realm of Karak-Azgal!

The following is an excerpt from the field journal of Flint, dwarven leader of the Order of Gromril during their recent campaign. Forces of destruction be warned, the following article contains graphic depictions of our defeat at the hands of Order. Some goblins may find the contents disturbing - during testing one snotling died of shock…


Journal of Flintwick

On October 1st, The Order of Gromril (Europe, Karak-Azgal) set out on their first keep seige practice. We formed up in the warcamp in Shadowlands (Elf T2) with the aim of taking a couple of Battlefield Objectives, before moving on to the undefended southern keep. A full warband turned out, plus a few more waiting to get in, and we started by outlining the plan, while everyone had a go on the various siege engines in the warcamp to familiarise themselves with their operation.

The first high point of the event was finalising our heraldry choice, and our colours were hoisted proudly above our assembled warband to many cheers and celebrations.

We then moved out, banner flying high (right), and hit the first BO. Things ran like clockwork, all guards downed and the BO captured in minutes. Moving south into the next area, we made our way towards the next BO, encountering some destruction stragglers on the way which were dispatched rapidly. Both BOs in the southern zone were captured with similar ease, and confident that we were well warmed up we headed south to set up our seige on the southern keep.

The attack on the southern keep started off as smoothly as you like, with the guards going down, and the front door melting under the pounding of our ram. Charging into the keep, we re-organised in the bottom of the keep while orders were passed detailing the tactics for the keep lord. Full of confidence, everyone charged upstairs with steely determination, but alas due to changes in the lord mechanics (tethering) my master plan was flawed, and a large number of our brethren were killed, and our force scattered.


This could have been the end, but never defeated The Order of Gromril regrouped, and new plans were devised. With much grit and determination, we charged again, this time the new plan turning out to be sound. By this point we were getting a few destruction defenders entering the keep, but they couldn’t withstand the might of Gromril, and they all fell, followed shortly by the keep lord herself.

...bolstered by the additional men, we drove hard into the keepA short victory dance, and some screenshots later (we will add these as soon as we can get our hands on them), we regrouped and charged north, our sights set on the defended northern keep. A quick detour to take the last BO, then we were on them. By this time order had noticed our powerful strikes into destruction held territory and were starting to tag along and bolstered by the additional men, we drove hard into the keep. Despite being under heavy bombardment by destruction defenders, we fought hard and gained the top of the ramp, where due to the excellent work of our healers, we were able to tank and take down each of the four champions, before engaging the lord. Keeping the lord occupied, our forces were able to come surging up to the upper level, clearing out the remainder of the destruction defence and finally focussing on the keep lord and taking him out.

Much more celebration was had, by both Gromril, and assembled order alike, as the capture of the keep saw the locking down of Elf Tier 2! We had accomplised our primary mission and more, but we weren’t done yet!

Melting away under the ferocity of our attack, the destruction players didnt stand a chanceMoving to Troll Country, with our warband and our associated entourage of Order followers, we joined an attack on the western keep. Melting away under the ferocity of our attack, the destruction players didnt stand a chance, and the keep fell in minutes. Moving from there, we headed east then south, taking out the two remaining destruction held BOs, before turning our full force against the final keep. A short but bloody battle later, and it fell decisively into the hands of order, and with a ground shake the Empire T2 was ours.

The end result, not only had we all learnt a great deal about keep seige, in both defended and non-defended situations, but we also managed to lock down two racial pairings, got a bucket load of renown, had an awesome amount of fun and generated a lot of kudos for The Order of Gromril among our Order allies. Even now I am getting random tells asking when we will be running our next RvR event.

Four keeps, six BOs and many many Destruction dead. A good night for Order, and a great night for The Order of Gromril! I cannot even begin to describe the deep sense of pride I had after our event at the determined and disciplined way my boys fought in all situations, against any odds. Destruction beware, Gromril is coming!

A huge thank you goes to Flintwick for regaling us with this epic tale and congratulations on a successful campaign. The challenge has now been laid down – what have YOU accomplished in WAR?

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Nice first entry :D

Well written, very good tale....However......As a destro player I feel mortally wounded by your attempts at taking over our beautiful lands and dispatching our great lords and ladies in your feign attempts at taking what is and always will be rightfully ours :)

Did the keeps have any Destro defenders or were you just taking out the NPCs? Also you wrote “Forces of destruction be warned, the following article contains graphic depictions of our defeat at the hands of Order.” Should “our defeat” not read “your defeat”? ;)

Nice write up. I was trying to find you guys the other night to join up as a fellow TOGger as I started an Empire character on Karak Azgal.

Sorry, I should have made clear the introduction was written by me, not Flint - Hense the warning to my fellow destruction players about the disturbing nature of the content :P

I will edit this when I get a chance tomorrow to identify the author of the “forward”

The first keep started undefended, then two destruction turned up. The second was defended by a lot more, 15-20+ I reckon. The third and fourth had a lot of defence, but by then we had amassed a bunch of Order followers, jumping on the Gromril train, so they helped lots :)



Screenshots added and I added a clearer separation between the forward I added and the main document.

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