WAR: Dev Diary - The Reikland Factory

Dr8k | 3 November 2008 | 0 Comments

Dev Diary - The Reikland Factory

Missy Hatch | General News | 10/31/2008 @ 11:55:08 EST

In this issue, Lead Artist Russell takes us through the process of creating artwork for our newest Scenario: The Reikland Factory.

RvR is the core of this game. This is illustrated by the fact that the game facilitates making a new character, queuing into a scenario at the tender age of rank 1, and putting fools to the sword. You could easily gain the first 10 ranks of your career doing just that. I love the idea of people experiencing RvR before the T4 campaigns. Nobody shows up late to the party at rank 40 and says, “Ok, what’s this RvR noise about?” The war should be felt throughout your time spent here.

Thus, when the Live Team was tasked with creating post-launch content in the form of scenarios to complement the new classes, I was pleased to be a part of it. To any who are interested in reading on, I’m here to provide an overview of the art process involved with creating the scenarios, and profess my great love of cake.

To read the rest of the article, and to view the artwork that goes with it, follow this link to the Warhammer Herald!

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