WAR: Have you heard the drums of WAR??

Dr8k | 1 February 2009 | 1 Comment

We want YOU

5/5 - GamespyYes, you in the front. No, don’t look over your shoulder, we’re not talking to them. Do you have what it takes to shine on the field of battle? To crush our enemies and stand triumphant? To rescue your people from certain doom and reap the rewards of fame and glory?


Guess it doesn’t matter. We’ll take you anyway and you can muck out the pens.

5/5 - G4TVWarhammer online is the epic online game set in the established Games Workshop world of Warhammer. For many years Warhammer has been a staple of table-top gamers; now the table-top game has evolved. This viscious, fully realised world is a seething couldron of violence, debts and vendettas. Into this world your character strolls to make fame and fortune or a grisly end (or both). Featuring 7 races and 24 classes*, fast-paced player-vs player combat and epic events such as fortress sieges warhammer offers an amazing experience for those brave enough to risk all. Don’t take our word for it, read the reviews linked below and see what others have said!

* The Slayer and Chopper classes will be introduced in the next major patch.

9.4/10 - Game FocusThe WAR is raging and we’d like to encourage everyone to join us and give Warhammer Online: The Reckoning a try. Mythic recently introduces a recruitment program whereby if a current player gives you an invite you can get a free 7 day trial of the game.

9/10 - IGN

How do I get my invite?

To help make this happen the WAR division has started a new thread for interested TOG members to apply for a recruitment invite. So simply follow these steps…

  1. Go to THIS THREAD
  2. Follow the instructions to post your interest
  3. One of our members with an available invite will hook you up.

How easy is that?

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Look forward to seeing more TOGgers joining the WAAAGH! =D

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