WAR: Patch 1.0.2 is Live!

Dr8k | 9 October 2008 | 11 Comments

Original message from the Warhammer Herald.

Game Update 1.0.2 - All Servers

James Nichols | Customer Service | 10/09/2008 @ 05:34:02 EST

Status: All servers are up. See you in game!


We apologize for the short notice but our team has been working long into the night to make sure 1.0.2 came to you as soon as possible...and come it has!

Starting at 7AM EDT all North American servers will be brought down to begin the update, Oceanic servers will follow at 9AM EDT. We anticipate North American servers to be online by 12PM (Noon) EDT with Oceanic servers being back online by 1PM EDT.

You can find all of the exciting changes 1.0.2 has to offer right here. As always check the Herald for important information and updates.

Have fun!

Update - 12: 25PM EDT: All NA and Oceanic servers are online. We have updated the patch notes to reflect some changes that were made to the original posting. Please be sure to check out the revised notes.

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A lot of good changes in there that were not originally announced.  Particularly the changes to the talisman making (which also affects Apoth), and not on stop Needs by non-usable class/race in scenario’s, but a party leader can turn this on/off for groups outside of scenario’s :)

and not on stop Needs
was supposed to read
and not only stop Needs


Guild Recall Scrolls have been fixed so they can be purchased and used correctly by guild members of a Guild Rank 17 Guild.  This fixes an issue where the scrolls were potentially being purchased ahead of time and could not be used until Guild Rank 17.

Now our guild is nowhere near GR17, but the way it reads is that anyone who -could- purchase guild scrolls previously couldn’t use them til GR17. Are these recall scrolls different to the ones that return you to the guild tavern? Cause I could certainly use them as soon as the tavern opened regardless of GR.

My question too re recall scrolls. Can purchase them any more but could both purchase and use before. sucky :-(

I still can’t play without stupid amounts of CTD.

Chunky, some UI addons are causing CTDs, try uninstalling them if you have any.

If you want to avoid CDT try setting your windowed and full screen res as the same and untick the “full screen” box. I was having insane during closed beta until I did that- haven’t had one since.

Nah, we know why the addons are causing a CTD, it’s just a matter of the authors updating their addon so as not to follow a certain order of events, as the API has kind of changed underneath us.

I already got rid of my addons, they aren’t the problem. I hadn’t even thought about addons when the problem first started.

I get the rare CTD in the capital sometimes but haven’t had one anywhere else, and have played quite heavily in PvE, Keep takes and Scenario’s.

OT: How does one ‘unnotify’ from the division messages if we ticked the ‘Notify me of followup comments via email’? It does not appear in Subscriptions…

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