Warhammer Division Overview

Ulric | 30 June 2009 | Comments off

The TOG Warhammer division is made up of the following guilds that try to cover both region and realm in a way that allows most TOG Warhammer players to find a home that fits their play style:

Our North-American guild is Destruction based, the guild leader is Sanjiyan and they are on the Badlands server.

In Europe the guild is Order and is run by Flintwick on the Karak-Azgal server.

The two Oceanic guilds are split between Destruction run by BlackIce on Ironclaw, and the Order guild run by Icehawke on Darklands server. This allows Oceanics to try either “side” and still be able to find a “home”.

The guilds all have access to various VoIP servers (both Teamspeak and/or Ventrilo) and people are always welcome, even encouraged, to join in on them (even if it’s just to listen in!).

Though were spread across both regions and realms, as with most other TOG divisions, you’ll find a lot of friendly, helpful and/or interesting folks that will make your time in Warhammer a lot more fun.

Applications to join one of the guilds are made in that guilds sub-forum in a “stickied” thread that is made for invite requests (usually called something along the lines of “Guild Invite Requests"). Once you have posted there, contact anyone in the guild in the game and they will have an officer contact you for the invite.

See you in Warhammer! 

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