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Wayfarer | 4 October 2008 | 4 Comments

I was in the shower this morning (sorry if you’re eating breakfast) while discussing life and everything with SWMBO. Our en-suite has a large open archway to the bedroom so she can see me in all my glory from the comfort of our bed.

This, as I learned later, was a bad design decision. We designed and built our own home, and in an effort to give the appearance of luxury and more space I opted to have the larger than normal entry into the en-suite. It’s not the nudity or lack of privacy that concerns me, its the damn entrapment it causes. SWMBO knows that if I am in the shower that:
A. I am probably awake so I can’t pretend to be asleep.
B. I am listening.
C. I will probably be awake, listening and not on the computer for at least 5 minutes.
D. I can’t suddenly run off.
E. She has a captive audience.

soaped up, naked and vulnerable.So, this morning, as most mornings, I am engaged in conversation while soaped up, naked and vulnerable.
(Sorry you’ve given up on your breakfast but you should be eating cereal anyway)

We’d finished talking about what’s on for the day and moved onto the subject other peoples’ relationships. Women always talk about relationships don’t they? You can start off on a particular interesting subject, like car maintenance, when a woman will sudden spin in a “relationship” issue. Well, this mornings topic involved on-line relationships. I mentioned the goings on here at TOG and how various people were looking for love and how others had found it when the whole thing went left of field. SWMBO mentioned happiness. Damn, who said relationships had anything to do with happiness? Just joking! But this was getting deeper than the normal surface-level relationship discussion that normal husband and wives dare get into!

Wynyard Station… unhappy and unsmily people?

SWMBO was speaking earlier in the week with a Bishop we know. He’s in his eighties and is one of the most delightful people you’d ever meet. Some people are born with good grace, humour and empathy mixed with plain old good manners and respect. This bugger has it all. Anyway, she said they were talking about city life and the humdrum of working day in and day out, commuting, rushing, deadlines; in other words “The Rat Race”. She said “You leave Wynyard Station” probably the busiest train station in Sydney “and there’s no one smiling”
It all clicked together in one of those moments. So, okay, it wasn’t an epiphany but it was a ‘moment”. A sudsy moment.

The problem with the rat race is it never endsYou see I had only read the previous evening a quote from a cartoon which I am unable to find again. “The problem with the rat race is it never ends”
Oh, that’s so true isn’t it? But I also had an encounter yesterday on the way to work… with the other rats… while walking down Brisbane street, Surry Hills. An absolutely gorgeous young thing was coming the other way. She had long legs, drop dead body, lovely brunette hair below her shoulders, model-level face but most of all a huge smile on her face.This bugger has it all. A smile that was infectious. I smiled. I noticed everyone smiling too. Her smile lit up the little lane way.

SWMBO raised her eyebrows for a split second as I described the woman and her effect on others around her before agreeing if more people should smiled then getting to work each day would be less of a humdrum experience. The subject quickly turned back to what’s on today.

So, have you met anyone who can brighten your day with a smile? How about it, can you smile on your way to work? I doubt I could… they’d shout “Arrest that pervert over there! Get him!”

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As an apprentice, they used to call me ‘grinner’… for obvious reasons.

Wife brightens me up regularly with her smile.

Ever notice how when the subject comes up of a pretty woman that isn’t the one your with, the one your with changes the topic? ;)

Brave man to mention another woman when you naked and vulnerable :)

“"Brave man to mention another woman when you naked and vulnerable :) “”
Which is a damn sight better than mentioning a naked and vulnerable woman :)

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