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My sister-in-law had a cat that was a snow dropper in a suburb of Sydney.

Every once in a while he’d go next door and steal ladies underwear and bring it back home. It became so serious they we sure the cops would be called… and no one would believe it was the cat and not the husband.

She disposed of the undies ASAP, going to great lengths to get rid of evidence. She was so anxious someone would catch her in the act. Imagine the explaining!

Eventually they couldn’t take it any more (obviously the cat didn’t have that problem) so they gave the cat away to friends living in the Blue Mountains on the Great Dividing Range.

Some months later reports filtered back to her. Apparently unidentified womens’ underwear was appearing on the kitchen floor at regular intervals. The mystery remained unexplained from this side of the Great Divide.

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damn smart cat to get the drawer open...or did his friend Rocky Racoon help?

They think he stole from the clothes basket or clothes line. :)

Lol, Snow droppin .... that brings back memories

Can the cat be trained to fetch beer?

Hell of a trip the husband had to make to keep the illusion going.

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