TOG casts, or a Tiger’s tale

Wayfarer | 18 September 2008 | 3 Comments

Regular visitors to The Lounge would know of Tiger74’s TOG casts of members and guest interviewers. If you have then you’d know he’s doing a great job of it.
TOG Casts can be found here
It’s a great idea on several levels; we get to learn about each other; the interviewee’s can have their say and feel very flattered; it builds up interesting content for the site and we have something fun to listen. But in the end is it self-congratulatory, naval gazing, voyeurism or an invasion of privacy? Or even an imposition of privacy on us; the hapless listener? Then there’s the length of them, some are over two hours long and I think “gee, Way, when are you going to get the time?” So far, it hasn’t turned out to be a problem, the two hours whiz past and when the end comes I am hankering for just a little more.
What do you think? Are they great for TOG and all involved? Are they sinister? Are they a waste of time or do you find them entertaining?

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I have listened to a few of them, and mostly I have found them interesting.  I found a few to be rather long, but if you are doing house work (yes Fox, guys CAN do some housework...) it is nice to have in the background.

TOG casts rock!

Housework does not.  :(

I can’t help it if I have verbal diarrhoea......j/k. I think TOG Casts are a great way to find out what makes some of our members tick.

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