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Published by: Vivendi Games
Developed by: Saber Interactive
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Number of Players: 1-16
Release Date:
US: October 30, 2007
Europe: November 2, 2007
Australia: November 1, 2007
MSRP: $59.99
ESRB Content Descriptors: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language
Also Available On: PC, PlayStation 3
Features: 1080i Support, Xbox Live, Memory Unit
Review By UNK

The developers of this game got almost everything correct in this action packed title for the First person shooter player.Can you master time to become the ultimate weapon? Everyone that likes FPS games should take the time to play Timeshift. This is a title with a long history of starts and stops company and developer changes almost let this game get lost in time but now that its here.  The developers of this game got almost everything correct in this action packed title for the First person shooter player.  They combined a good storyline a beautifully crafted environment and a smart AI into a game that will leave you saying to yourself how can they end the game like that? I want a sequel NOW!

You are inserted into the role of a scientist that has a secret background (perhaps some kind of military member at one time) the game opens with a news report of a devastating explosion at a laboratory and then suddenly you are jumping into a BETA suit. This is the better of two Time controlling formal wear suits dreamed up and created to impress the ladies across the spectrum of time. (YAY off to save the world) and its a good thing you did because if you wouldn’t have, you would have been crispy crittered!

This game plays a lot like F.E.A.R or Prince of Persia, it gives the player the option to stop, slow or reverse time. But if you are killed you do not have control over time and must reload the last time you saved. Saving the game can be done anywhere in game the controls are fully customizable and camera is free look, but the default controls were fine making it easy to use the different time powers.

This enemy AI wont just take what you dish out it will come looking for you! When your hiding behind a box or inside a tunnel healing.The use of the time powers is fun and you will find yourself using all of them to get through this game. Each choice gives you a different set of tactical advantages and the interesting thing about it is, that when your playing through the game, the enemy AI will adapt its self to your style of game play. This enemy AI wont just take what you dish out it will come looking for you! When your hiding behind a box or inside a tunnel healing.  Sometimes stopping time won’t be your best option, there are times when playing the game that shooting something in the game, i.e. a barrel or box off a platform then standing on it and reversing time is the better option.

With time powers there are limitations to what you can and can not do there is a computer controlled AI that assists you in the guise of S.S.A.M which will pick a time power for you automatically, which may or may not be, the best option for the current situation. The AI will also limit your ability to reverse time on occasion, such as if it would create a time paradox, but you do have full control and can override the AI’s choice manually, this is often a good idea if you get stuck hitting your time control option, will give you a hint as to the correct choice you should have made.

You may find as you play the game you wish for a way to extend the lifespan of the time powers in the form of a pick up as in F.E.A.R, but in the end you can get thru the game on its most difficult setting using the powers that you are given.

Although you may have experienced it in F.E.A.R., it is still amusing to freeze time, steal an enemy’s weapon and watch him from behind cover as he asks his buddies where his weapon went?, or falls to his knees begging for his life, or runs off to grab another weapon.

Also, the prankster hijinxs of hearing the enemy saying “that’s impossible” when he is shooting at you, and you freeze time, run up behind him unfreeze it, and hit him with a melee attack never gets old.

Warning: you might not be able to take weapons off of some of the enemies you will face. The bad guy who went back and changed time has made some interesting modifications to some of his men.

One of the things that makes this game different from F.E.A.R is that there are no annoying ghost cut scenes or things jumping out of the screen at you. While you won’t have the same amount of weapons choices as in F.E.A.R you will have a nice mix of different firepower to bring to the party. You have all the standards pistol, shotty, sniper rifle, grenades, and a rocket launcher, you also have a Torque Bow ala Gears of War that is more like a rifle/crossbow mix and different enough to make it my choice of distance weapon instead of the sniper rifle. (It fires an explosive arrow that damages anyone near your target too) most of the weapons have an ALT fire feature that gives you more choices, i.e. your pistol fires a single shot using your right trigger and fires automatic when you use the left. Your MBR or machinegun fires its normal rounds with the right trigger and fires grenades with the left trigger. Later in the game you will even find a weapon that shoots lightning bolts out of the left trigger and a pulse of electricity with the right trigger. Grenades are (in the SP part of the game) the same as the plasma grenades from HALO for those who have not played any HALO games (stop reading now and go play HALO), its a sticky blue explosive that sticks to enemies and blows up ( if you get one stuck to you, you can freeze time and run away from it, then unfreeze time and not get blown up)

In the multiplayer part of the game since everyone can’t have time powers, there is a time stop grenade, a laser trip mine and a swarm grenade you can use. Using the time stop grenade creates a Time Bubble. Anyone caught inside will be frozen, letting you run around the outside of the bubble shooting rounds into the unfortunate people inside and when time unfreezes they get hit with all those rounds at once. Timing is the key to using these grenades remember to throw them were the enemy is going to be. I have a feeling that the developers of this game don’t like snipers online because the sniper rifle is very powerful but it has a red laser beam sight that comes out of the front of it all the time you have it equipped, so snipers beware! Online everyone will know where you are hiding. There are also other weapons that are fun to use but I will let you play the game to find out what they are.

The graphics are fitting in the SP part of the game and they took a lot of time and effort to make the environment an alternate to what your used to seeing in everyday life. It goes a long way towards immersing you into the game when you think about how different things could be, if someone made a suit like the one you use in the game and went back in time, then made changes to the past to create a new future. They took the time to imagine how little changes to things in our past could have been done by someone with knowledge from the future. I thought it was interesting to see the concept art that you unlock as you play through the game. While there are some flaws here and there in the graphics department, they are nothing that takes away from game play. Little things like seams showing where a mountain meets the ground, or a building that from a distance looks real, but when you get a closer angled perspective is really just like a Hollywood facade - a flat one sided building. The one major place that graphics fall apart in this game is in the MP aspect the graphics are really poor quality in MP compared to SP.

While this game has nice 80’s style in game music, and sound effects when it comes to the weapons and things going off , I did have a bit of a problem with the in game voice, but this is due to the way I play, more than the developers’ decisions. I am the kind of player that likes to wander around and find everything that can be found in a game on every level, and so to hear my AI team mates telling me “get moving soldier” every 3 seconds was just a tad annoying, and had me wanting to shut off the sound completely.

Vehicles-this is one feature that was woefully lacking. There just aren't any cool vehicles to use at all.Vehicles-this is one feature that was woefully lacking. There just aren’t any cool vehicles to use at all.  You get to drive a quad or four wheeler which is annoying to say the least to drive. The controls and the movement of it just plain stink. and you MUST use it at certain points to progress in the game! No aircraft to fly. No tanks to use (even if they are parked and empty) and you can’t use the trucks with the turrets, except you can use the turrets to shoot things with. This also applies to the dirigible that you steal in the game. You do get to shoot things using the defensive weapons, but you don’t get to direct its travel.

While the last boss fight is a bit easier then I expected and was over when I thought the real fight was going to start, the ending cinematic makes me believe they have already started or have plans on a sequel. Overall I have to give this game a 3. There are things that they could have done to make it more fun i.e. allowing the use of one of the tanks or any other vehicle, different grenade options in the storyline, creating a more open environment to have different approaches to targets and lifting some of the ammo restrictions on some of the weapons or giving you the option to have or carry all the weapon types at one time, and the graphics in the multiplayer part of the game. Overall this is a decent game that could have been much better save your money rent it.

official site: TimeShift: Master Time To Become the Ultimate Weapon

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