Reviewed by Arep | 28 February 2008
Genre: FPS | Publisher: 2K Games | Developer: Irrational Games
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BioShock definitely takes the lead with many of its radical and mutinous advances through unique attack structuresWould you kindly travel into the world of Rapture and become a champion to the weak and bewildered, or delve into the depths of depravity for your own demented satisfaction? In an industry where each game tries to contend for the top spot in its genre, BioShock definitely takes the lead with many of its radical and mutinous advances through unique attack structures.

After what you believe to be a confusing plane crash into the middle of the Atlantic ocean causing you to “stumble” upon your own personal Atlantis you find that the city of Rapture, is anything but. You are immediately immersed into an environment defined by psychosis and abnormalities. With your trusty wrench you begin bashing your way to the answers that drive your every movement.

BioShock does offer several upgrade options for your weapons through creative measures and it’s easy to enjoy the challenges of camera and sentry hacking. It’s a handy tool to cleverly use your enemy’s lookouts as your own personal arsenal. However, if you’re not quick with your hands hacking can be a painful experience. BioShock’s interactivity is one of the features that make it so enjoyable, and it gives it an aura of freedom that combats the linearity of many games. Game play is highly addicting as everything has the potential to become a weapon. You have several mutagenic options with the help of plasmid injections and the preferred currency of choice, Adam. Having a hard time honing in on an enemy; distract them with a storm of hornets exploding from your arm. See that dead body over there, use telekinesis and use it as a flying projectile to take out those pesky security sentries.

Save up and upgrade your weapons and fire power as you discover that around each corner is a beautiful myriad of artistic survival options.

BioShock is a unique console gaming experience that you will find yourself measuring future games byBioShock is a unique console gaming experience that you will find yourself measuring future games by. It creates an explorable, interactive world under the ocean with villains forged from the disastrous quest for perfection at the expense of their humanity. While I believe most people would enjoy a multiplayer aspect if for no other reason than to explore a magnetic world with friends and foes, the game does not leave you wanting. You are constantly engrossed in your environment, endlessly searching for the next plasmid and upgrade, defending yourself against the storm of various Splicer’s, or on the wary look out for the Adam harvesting sisters and their abominating guardians. The game plays like a well written novel. Your characters personal background, the history of Rapture and its creator, and the environments failings are all revealed to you interactively through radio recordings placed throughout your play path. In finding out the sickening reason for your arrival to the diminishing underground utopia, the storyline makes the sci-fi portion that much more believable.

do all evil masterminds sit down and plan out their ten step plan for deceit and world domination on cassette recordings?There are some elements of the game that cause some frustration that are certainly worth mentioning, though they don’t lesson the enjoyment of the overall experience. I understand the need to find creative ways to introduce the back story element of a game, however, it’s a little agitating finding small recordings everywhere. Right, when I have a hoard of Splicers closing in on me the thing I most want to do is sit cross legged on the floor pow-wow style to listen in on my nemesis in his brain storming adventures. It begs the question, do all evil masterminds sit down and plan out their ten step plan for deceit and world domination on cassette recordings? If so, well I guess I’m not the only one. Although I absolutely adore the game play, and grovel on my knees at the incredible detail of the graphics I must admit that I had an intensely hard time navigating my way through portions that were fast moving while running aimlessly away from enemies. Of course, it could just be that I was scared and running away like a little girl out of bullets but let’s not make assumptions. One area in particular that seemed very confusing was the section where you are collecting the items necessary to become a mock Big Daddy. It may just be me but navigating during collection involved fumbling through look-alike labs that quickly resembled a labyrinth when you introduce low ammo and enemies simultaneously.

While it’s not the worst feature and definitely makes things easier, the Vita-Chambers make the game somewhat juvenile. There is no real penalty for using a Vita-Chamber and they exist frequently and are close to most major battle areas thus making your battle success less of a skilled conquer and more like the eventual payoff in button mashing. This doesn’t mean the game is less of an enjoyment, however I do think the option is more sci-fi than the plot.

Overall the game is a true marvel, even for those who say graphics can’t be wildly lovely on a console. It is one of the few games I would call a must play, and it’s the first game for me to say that about in good conscience since my beloved Gears of War. Yes, I would have loved traversing madly through the plot co-op, but that really is the only feature (or lack of) that bummed me out on the game. It’s a guaranteed enjoyment for role players everywhere and I would give it a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Would you kindly take my advice and try this handsome and intense game for yourself?

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- Quickie |
| 9 September 2008

Great game very addictive. Recommend for all FPS lovers.

- Zaxvien |
| 25 September 2008

A good game, yet very violent. Could have been a lot more, way too much running from spot A to spot B, following an arrow. 50's or 60's scenery not very original, yet very stylized. Plot a bit original, but not worth the hype around this game. Still one of the best games, definitely better than many other games, but just a glimpse to the future, nearly a must have, a must play.

العاب فلاش - ayman |
| 22 February 2016

العاب فلاش

sement - freeship1986 |
| 17 June 2016

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