Origin 2 more games added to Humble Bundle

Discussion in 'Digital Distribution & Mobile Game Applications' started by Axe_Murderer, Aug 23, 2013.

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    2 more games have been added to the current Humble Bundle.

    They are Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 and Populous.

    So that's now 10 games for a purchase price above the current average sale price, which is still currently only $4.83

    You can access the keys to this game from where you accessed your current bundle's keys.


    So many games, so little time to play them all......
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    To clarify - the Red Alert addition to the pack is not Red Alert 3. It's a stand-alone Red Alert 3 expansion pack called Red Alert 3: Uprising! It's a lot of fun, but might contain some spoilers if you haven't already played Red Alert 3 through but intend to sometime! :)

    If memory serves me, it contains 4 mini campaigns of about 3 missions each - quite possibly the final C&C single-player standalone game, considering the new C&C is going to be a "Free to play" (pay to win) game, and EA has indicated they want to move this way with a lot of franchises. "Although some have incorrectly speculated this change meant the Generals sequel is no more, Electronic Arts has stated that Generals 2 will simply be the first in the new series of free-to-play games."

    The bundle's going strong, currently at $8.5million - well ahead of the previous records of $5.1mil for the Humble THQ Bundle, and the Humble Indie Bundle V. The vast majority of it is going to charity, so get these classics for a steal while you still can!
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    Picked them up, even though Populous is OLD.

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