A truly bizarre game: MarketGlory

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    The game is MarketGlory and it doesn't fall into the normal categories of MMOs or RGPs because it's a real-life simulator to a certain degree, and you can withdraw in-game money as real life money. I beg of you to click the link and make an account (it only takes a minute to do), and play the game. It *looks* very complicated when you first see it, I know, but as a new player, there are EXACTLY two things that you can/must do: work daily (hover over 'Work,' then 'Workplaces,' then click. Ignore everything on the page except for where it says "WORK NOW." Click on that and you will begin working and earning for the first time. The work will last about 10 minutes (I told you the game started slow, right?) but you'll be able to see your income on the left-hand side of your screen in your countries' currency. You will be able to repeat this process with work every 24 hours. Every three days that you work in a row, the Government of the game will give you a financial bonus to keep working. As you may have guessed, this is not a time-intensive game.

    The second thing you can do in MarketGlory as a new player is fight. I'm sure that sounds ridiculous, since you have no martial skills and no offensive/defensive equipment. None of that matters for new players. Even on the very first day that you've signed up for the game, you can fight. Here's how you go about doing it: hover over 'Fight,' then 'Referral Fight.' (Trust me.) Click on Referral Fight and you will be matched against a 'trainer' who also has zero skills and gear. You will win and you will be paid a little bit for each win. Best news yet: you get to do this ten times per day, every day.

    Between working and fighting, your bank account and experience will slowly increase, which leads to more and more options within the game. The very best of luck to you!


    I hope you take the time to check it and be a little patience. It's worth it!!

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    I read your thread, and read up on the game, and I am still not sure really what it is. Do you get a bonus Khally if someone signs up through your link? (I don't mean that in any disparaging way, I know referrals/invites are a standard thing in a lot of online games).

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