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    So I was recently made aware of Albion Online going F2P earlier this year. A coworker and I looked at it and saw that it's similar to Runescape, and thought to try it out together. Any TOGgers out there currently playing the game with anything to say about it? I did quite a bit of research on how to get started, and I understand the game is full of gankers. I just thought I'd try something like it for a little bit, since most of the games I want to play wont launch til next year. I'm looking at you DOOM Eternal!!! *Shakefist*
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    Don't talk about was supposed to be my son's birthday present.

    I didn't mind Albion but I felt it needed to be bigger. Lots of people squashed into small areas competing for the same resources. Not a big issue to be honest but could become annoying. It is not a game to be rushed. Take your time. Get the different gathering to level 5 before deciding on a focus, if that's what you enjoy doing.

    I don't play anymore but that's mainly because I got distracted by WoW Classic rather than any issue I had with the game itself. Not sure if any other toggers are still playing but I'd say there are probably a couple around who can give you more info.

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