allods subscription game is free

Discussion in 'Free to grind' started by maibil8r, Apr 1, 2014.

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    Extention to the free subscription. | Allods Online

    I did enjoy allods before but found the pay to win cash shop to be discouraging.
    allods has changed hands recently and there is a subscription server now, probably has been for a while but this is the first I've heard about it.

    The subscription game is free for the next two weeks
    I'll be online playing imperial as maibi_bard
    no harm in checking it out for the low low price of.... err.... free :D
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    I enjoyed Allods Online for a while before an early update made the game an expensive pay to win mess. TOG had a guild & ship in-game but waning interest killed the game for me. The end game really requires at least an active small guild because of the open pvp and ship battles. I would check it out again but have committed to Archeage for the next few months at least.

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