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    Game Arena: Posted by Term @ 02:23pm 07/05/04
    "We've finally got up a America's Army ladder for all teams of this great free game produced and built by the US Defence force. The America's Army ladder will give Australian teams a chance to compete in a fully automated enviroment where all they have to do is challenge and play!

    The ladder is now available, together with GameCreate services for this game on the America's Army Arena. If you'd like to check out teams that have currently entered you can goto the Rankings page of the Ladder, any clan marked Recriuting will pick up players that don't have an existing team. Good luck to all teams in the ladder, and we hope above all, you have fun!"

    If you're interested in joining the TOG team please pm me with your GA Login. Alternatively you can email me -

    PS - For those of you that haven't heard of America's Army; its free! Download it

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