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Discussion in 'MMORPG Games: The Realms' started by Cerebrix, Jun 1, 2009.

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    Before I joined TOG years ago, I came here after playing Anarchy Online for several years. I recently went back to not only see the game still going, but still active and a lot of fun. This new game director "Means" really has his act together.

    I've struggled over the years to find another mmo to really suck me in the way AO did so many years ago. It's skill system to this day, is the most deep and complex character customization system out there imho. I had been waiting for the graphics engine update but thinking about it, I decided theres no reason to wait before going back to check it out. especially when its free to play for about 60% of the game anyway right? I'm glad I decided not to wait.

    I know TOG doesn't have an official presence in Anarchy Online. But I figured I would give everyone the heads up that because of this, im currently in the process of helping to get one of the games most famous organizations, "The Mockers" back up and running. It's a clan organization on Atlantean (RK1) that is famous for its role playing presence in game ( think futuristic sd-6, the covenant, the sopranos ). We even have items named after the organization in game. I'm honestly kind of honored that the remaining members of the mockers let me help to rebuild their organization. especially given its history in the game.

    Although some people in the past found the games learning curve a little steep due to the complexity of the game (over 100 skills per character to manage and thousands of items of varying quality in game). It's always something ive readily been able to have a good handle on. If you were ever put off by this point of entry, I'd just like to take a moment to offer up my assistance. One thing I learned over the years is how to be as self sufficient as possible in AO. I've always had great gear, I've always done well in pvp without the support of a ton of other people. I'm also always happy to help teach a person to fish rather than feed them for a day. Just ask any of my old tog guildies from the guilds i founded for us here in wow =). I'd love to help any of you learn the ropes if you've never had the chance to give this game a go.

    Anyway, if you've been itching for a little sci fi mmo fun after tabula rasa's demise, i'd love to see you in AO. My toon's name is Wintermut3. I look forward to seeing a few of you in game.

    - Christian
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    I quite enjoyed a lot of things about Anarchy Online, and its diverse set of classes. What got me in the end though was the heckler grind, and those nanomages that used to take half the beach between a couple of them while 40-50 shared the rest. They used to get me killed for going up near'em. Mind you, I'd turn around and do the same to them. :p

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