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Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by Broe, Jun 17, 2014.

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    Recently got linked to TOG and instantly in love.

    Fits very nice with my idea of gaming as old time with kids and family to intertain.

    My name is Ole, I am 40 years and live in Denmark near Copenhagen. 2 kids and have work that can call me away a moments notice. Speak, read and write Danish, English and German. Later a little rusty.

    As a kid I played D&D a lot but later via the figur painting I tuned to Warhammer. Stil paint warhammer figurs today as a hobby.

    1st vidiogaming was on a sprectrom think it was called later atari and then my first PC IBM many years ago.

    Been though many mmo's from ultima online, DAoC, WoW many of the new mmo,s I have tested. no mmo at present habing trouble finding something that realy graps my attention.

    FPS like BF2,3,4 and the beta hardline I like to play. the more players involved the better.

    WWIIonline I played for many years from release untell 5 years ago when time got in short supply. kids a real but lovely timezink

    I like to apply for full member with Starcitizen and BF4/hardline in mind.

    name tag Broe116 starcitizen /denroede BF

    sorry for double post but dont have rights to edit or del 1st one

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