Archeage/Archeage Unchained 7.0 (Chronicles) update

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    Full patch notes are available here, which detail the major changes summarised below.

    The update also includes extensive bugfixes and miscellaneous changes too detailed to summarise - see here (scroll down).
    • New story questline - "Calleil and the Crown Prince" based on the Chronicles of Lucius Quinto, unlock via quest log (requires gold and gilda stars)
    • New world bosses - Jola the Faithful, Vicious Meina, Relentless Glenn may spawn after defeating the normal JMG bosses; may drop Improved Leader's Infusions used to upgrade World Boss Gear
    • New items
      • Gem Carver item to change stats on specific socketed Lunagems - see details here.
      • Craftable vehicle customisations for Timber Coupe v3 / Nova Speedster / Apex Drift / Wheeled Mortar/ Ironclad / Fire Ironclad / Strada: armour, on-board artillery, custom chassis (increases health), tyres (increases move speed/turning/traction), engine (acceleration). Not applicable to farm vehicles, Rampages or basic T1 cars ie Timber Coupe, Comet Speedster, Apex Squall.
      • New tameable mounts added - grubs, spiders, mantis, earth elementals, crayfish. Requires Capturing Toolbox v4 from Arena Shop. All carry one rider and cannot equip armour. More details here.
      • "The Art of Language Part II" craftable book now required to increase language proficiency 10,000-20,000 (20,000 skill points is now required for full proficiency in Nuia and Haranya Continent Dialect).
      • Splendid and Grand Armor and Weapon Type Conversion Scrolls will be added to the Marketplace for Exalted, Glorious / Brilliant Hiram Guardian gear Immortal Warden's or Radiant Disciple's / Disciple's gear, and vice versa. e.g. Splendid Weapon Type Conversion Scrolls convert a Hiram Staff to a Hiram Greatsword or Immortal Warden's Staff into an Immortal Warden's Greatclub. Hiram weapons/armour can only be changed to Hiram variants, and Disciple weapons/armour can only be changed to other Disciple gear. Success rate stacks are reset on conversion. Using the scroll costs 10 Labor.
    • New rankings
      • GotG: Reward point tracker added to 'Fairy request' daily. Rewards mailed to players each Monday based on their weekly ranking:

    Nation, Family, Guild chats will also be enabled in the Garden of the Gods**.
    • Factions Activity Points: a tracker will be added to the Ranks tab (range 1-10 based on weekly participation in PvP and PvE). Resets Sunday (server time). Co-raids: only the raid with greatest participation will accumulate faction points. Alliances: both allied factions earn points from successful activities. Larger raids can earn bonus points (# of raid members in the zone). 'Losing' faction receives a 30% reduction in bonus points, providing the minimum raid size is met (below). Minimum requirements to earn Faction Activity Points are:
      • Raid size 20+ (Legacy) / 40+ (Unchained)
      • Raid average leadership: 400 current or previous cycle leadership
      • Raid average gearscore 11K (Legacy) 7K (Unchained)
    • Combat-related changes
    This patch includes numerous changes to skills, skill balance and cloth and plate set buffs. Notable changes include:
    • Stacks for each active skill tree now shown on screen (hideable)
    • Strength
      • 1 Strength increases Melee Attack +0.25 (previously +0.2)
    • Intelligence
      • 1 Intelligence increases Magic Attack +0.25 (previously +0.2)
      • 1 Intelligence increases Max Mana +10 (previously +12)
      • Removed the Evasion increase effect
    • Agility
      • 1 Agility increases Ranged Attack +0.25 (previously +0.2)
    • Spirit
      • 1 Spirit increases Healing Power +0.25
      • Removed the Parry Rate Increase effect
    • Critical Damage cap increased +50% (from 300% to 350%)
    • Evasion decreased from 21.9% to 10% at 2000 Strength
    • Parry decreased from 41% to 20% at 2000 Strength
    • Shield Defense Penetration effect always grants a fixed value. Removed related effects.
    • Regen and Healing Power Based skills are affected by a right-hand weapon's Attack Speed
    • The slower the weapon, the greater Damage/Healing dealt but the slower the skill use.
    • Club's Attack Speed decreased from 1.2 to 1
    • Cloth & plate set buffs:
    For full details of combat changes refer to the patch notes here.
    • Vehicle changes (in addition to customisations, see above):
      • passengers can now receive the Intuition/Protection buff (increases Max Health / increases Defense and Magic Defense) after activation by the driver.
      • removed the "Overheat" debuff from Timber Coupe v3 / Nova Speedster / Apex Drift;
      • added "Upright Vehicle" skill to tanks; increased basic damage in Normal Mode/ Siege Mode for steamtank cannons, but the projectile now travels slower
    • Castle changes:
      • Workshop Stewards will be available for 6 hours instead of just 1 hour.
      • The amount of income that can be stolen from factions once their cumulative income reaches more than 200,000 gold, was adjusted as follows:
    • A new daily quest "Supporting the Faction" will be available from a new Outpost Employee npc each siege cycle. This rewards 3 Territory Coins and 10 Contribution for delivering 20 Botanical Specimens from the Garden of the Gods. There are several new uses for Territory Coins:
    • Once the 100th delivery is complete, another weekly quest "A Fair Trade" will be available. This rewards 50 Glorious Hiram Awakening Scrolls and 10 Contribution for delivering 30 Territory Coins, 10 Silver Lilies, 10 Crimson Petunias and 10 Indigo Peonies.
    • Territory Coins can now be exchanged for Hiram Awakening Scrolls:
    • Territory Coins can also be exchanged for limited quantities of Erenor Infusions from a castle "Workshop Employee". Limits depend on the number of territories a faction rules, updated every Wednesday at midnight (?unclear if server time or UTC). Can only be purchased once every 24h across all territories:
    • Language proficiency
      • Maximum language proficiencies for Nuia and Haranya Continent Dialect have increased from 10,000 to 20,000. Tutoring Cushions can now summon an advanced Tutor, requiring the book "The Art of Language Part II" . 'Group language lessons' are available in Austera and Marianople 1x/day for exiles*, costing 200 Labor.
      • Exiles now require 10K language proficiency to exile.
    * The Harani language tutor is the University in Marianople; the Nuian language tutor is in Mahadevi (City of Towers library). They appear 10 am to 7 pm (daytime) in-game. There's no language tutor specifically for exiles.
    • Raid rosters
      • Raid Leaders with more than 1,000 Leadership in the current or previous hero cycle can save up to 10 Raid Rosters for raids with 20+ members, and use a Group Mail function to distribute gold and other items to them. Raid Rosters are created via the raid info window in-game, and last for 14 days.
    **Also working in other instances eg Halcy (Golden Plains Battle). Unclear if this was unintended, or just omitted from patch notes.
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