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    'A new zone has opened up for all adventurers - the Ipnya Ridge. Filled with ruins, this zone represents not only what was but what's to come. Travel to the Ipnya Ridge through a narrow path in Mysthrane Gorge... but tread carefully, as danger awaits around every turn.'

    Read more about the Ipnya Ridge in the official patch notes here and D_Pain's translation of the Korean patch notes here (more pics). To get there, visit the Akasch Token Merchant npc in your faction's main city to receive a quest and a teleport scroll.

    In addition to the new zone, the update includes:-
    • A rift event where up to 125 Nuians and 125 Haranyans and 50 pirates fight together to defeat the Akasch within a set time. The Akasch begin their attack once Peace falls upon the Ipnya Ridge on Monday, Friday, and Saturday at 9:30 PM server time.
      • If the players successfully defend against the Akasch Invasion, an Invasion Victory Merchant will spawn in the Cragtear Scars that will trade unique items for Akasch Tokens* and a buff will be provided to all players in the Ipnya Ridge until the next Akasch Invasion.
      • If the players fail to defend against the Akasch, a debuff will be placed on all players in the Ipnya Ridge and their influence will make powerful world bosses such as the Kraken, Charybdis, Leviathan, the Black Dragon, and Nehliya even stronger until the next Akasch Invasion. Additionally, the Invasion Victory Merchant will not spawn.
    * items include Hiram gear, charms, tempers, Ipnysh Artifacts to enhance equipment slots, and so on.
    • More lore - The chronicle “The Nuon Dragon War” introduces 41 new quests, which can be unlocked via the Chronicle Quests UI (Shift+L) and rewards a unique title for those who follow the story to the end. Also, a new section of your Race Story quest has been added in Ipnya Ridge. Completion is rewarded with the Ipnysh Warden Costume and a new Alikit mount, Asteria (11.5 ms, BOP, cannot equip armour). See video of the Asteria mount here **
    • More weapons - Hiram, honour, dungeon, worldboss and crafted Rifle weapons can now be acquired in the same way as existing weapon types. (Players have confirmed the splendid scroll changes a bow to a rifle for hiram and immortal warden gear).
    • More skillz - The Gunslinger Skillset has arrived. This skillset utilizes ranged weapons including the new Rifle weapons. This skillset can be combined with other skillsets to create 66 new classes. NB: ArcheAge: Unchained players will need to use Gunslinger Tome found in the Akasch Invasion Pack from the Glyph store to unlock this skillset.
    • More gearscore - Equipment slots can now be enhanced with Ipnysh Artifacts to increase the gearscore and stats of a weapon/armour piece equipped in that slot. See D_Pain's guide here
    • More Ancestral levels - the Ancestral Level cap has been increased to 70 for all players.
    • More arena - Halcyona Skirmish is a new equalised battle-royale style arena available for 5 entries per day by characters level 30 and above during a limited time window during the day.
    • More duels - a new Party Duel function is available if you are in a party in a Peace zone, your faction controlled zone or in a festival zone, and you find another party to duel against.
    • More respawn spots - Heroes can temporarily claim a respawn point for their faction under certain conditions. If you respawn at a Hero Respawn Spot, you don't get the "Rebirth Trauma" debuff and receive a better Nui's Consolation buff.
    • More Daru merchants - The Rotten Specialties Merchant is a brand-new NPC that buys low-profit specialties that have been abandoned. They can be found in both Nuia and Haranya, but only one appears per region at a time. Quest required to unlock
    • More achievements - The new the Fashion Icon costume collection achievement unlocks the ability to use a Costume Awakening Scroll to awaken a synthesis costume and enable a skill granting 100 labour and some health and mana regen (60 min cooldown).
    • More marine plants
    • More tweaks and balances to some skills, weapon types and ship components
    • Miscellaneous changes include changes to tax, labour, crafting request prices, farmhand
      • (Legacy servers) Each week of tax prepayment requires 5 days of remaining Patron duration. If you have insufficient Patron, the pre payment option will no longer be available.***
        • (all servers) When selling a building, prepaid taxes are reset and not returned to the seller nor transferred to the buyer
        • Account Labor is now called Offline Labor and Server Labor is called 'Labor'. All types of Labor regeneration and restoration (sleeping etc) fill up “Labor” only. The online labour regen rate is unchanged and is shown on mouseover of your green Labor bar.
        • It appears the cap has also increased to 5000 pts for 'Labor' + your Offline Labor amount, so characters with Unchained/Patron can regenerate up to 10k labour (5K online + 5k offline) over time. Rechargers still work in the same way.
      • Crafting requests now have the default base (npc vendor?) price per item
      • Farmhands can now grow seed bundles (same yield, takes 10% longer), including bundles of the new marine plants.
    • Miscellaneous bugfixes
    I've also noticed AH listing prices seem to be significantly discounted though this is not mentioned in the patch notes (list your expensive sales soon!)

    And much more. Please read the patch notes for the details.

    ** To pick up your race questline after completing Kyprosa's Final Task in the Garden of the Gods, speak to Scout Gaon at the Aegis Crimson Watch camp. He will send you to the Torch of Ipnya using the portal, where you speak to Ardios.
    *** Aligns with the Korean system, preventing land being held by non-patron accounts.
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