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    Gamigo have announced the Garden of the Gods expansion (Update 6.5) will launch on 11 June 2020 for both Archeage and Archeage Unchained, after a 6 hr maintainence downtime commencing as follows:

    EU: 8:00am UTC
    NA: 8:00am PDT

    The 'Garden of the Gods' expansion unlocks a new PVE/PVP zone, extends the 'race' storyline with a further 59 quests, new gear tiers and tougher challenges. The expansion is expected to be the same as the version released in Korea about 5 months ago.

    1. Final patch notes now available here
    2. Gamigo have confirmed that, unlike all previous updates, current Archeage Unchained players will require an additional pack purchase to unlock Garden of the Gods; and that fresh start servers will be released for Archeage Unchained. For further info please see the FAQ on the official forum. AA:U players will be able to purchase 1x additional Bound Character Scroll for 50 diligence (however note the limit of 2 characters per server still applies).
    3. Fresh Start servers will be added for AA:U: Stena for the NA region and Crazzian for the EU region, which will share an AH and arena. Access is via purchase of a Silver Garden of the Gods Pack, Silver Bundles or any base game pack after May 21st 2020. Servers will go live on June 11. For further info please click here.


    A more detailed translation of the Korean patch notes (that this update is based on) was also released here. A briefer summary is on reddit here

    Significant changes include:
    • New tier for Hiram equipment - 'Glorious' (T4) Mythic or higher grade can be awakened to 'Exalted' (T5)*, retaining the current grade, gems, etc (note: currently, Brilliant Awakening scrolls cannot be converted to 'Exalted' Awakening scrolls)
    • New tier for Erenor equipment - 'Radiant' (T2) Mythic or higher grade can be awakened to ''Brilliant" (T3)*, as above
    • Two new weapon attributes (see below)
    • New 'specialisation' system for enhancing these attributes on weapons and armour (see below)
    • New ancestral skills; 'balancing' of some combat skills; +2 increase in skill point cap
    • New alchemy and cooking recipes craftable within the Garden
    • Change to Ayanad and Erenor cloak awakening
    • Repeatable quests in Diamond Shores, Sungold, Exeloch, Reedwind, and West Hiram Mountains will change from a daily to a weekly cycle, with increased kill numbers. Completing each quest will yield 50 scrolls or 30 infusions of the relevant grade.
    *translated as Sublime and Liberated (respectively) in the Korean patch notes

    In the run-up to the launch:

    • Between June 4th and June 11, the first character to remain logged in continuously for 30 minutes each day will receive a Gatekeeper's Bundle via in-game mail. This contains loot drop and experience buffs plus a token which can be turned in for a special title after collecting 6 of them. More info: (The Garden’s Blessing Event has Begun!) Cautions:
      • Only one character on each account can receive a Gatekeeper's Bundle per day. All items are non tradeable - make sure the character you want to receive it logs in first!
      • The buffs must be used within 24h of opening a Gatekeeper’s Bundle. Additionally, the Gatekeeper’s Bundle will disappear when the event ends on June 11th.
    • Players can claim a Brown Shiba Inu pet (one per account) through the in-game marketplace, after the marketplace update on May 14th 2020. This is similar to the corgi pet but cannot be placed in a house - he has no combat skills, just follows you, looking cute :-D
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    Specialisation system
    Weapons:- increases bonus damage / healing vs. certain armor types. eg: a bow does more bonus damage to cloth.
    Armour:- increases your resistance vs. certain weapoin types eg cloth receives less bonus damage from bows.

    Weapon Damage Type (italics = new damage type)
    Slashing: Dagger / Sword / Katana / Nodachi / Greatsword / Shortspear / Longspear
    Crushing - Axe /Greataxe
    Piercing: - Bow
    Blasting:- Scepter / Staff (translated as Destruction in the Korean patch notes)
    Bludgeoning:- Club / Greatclub (translated as Mystical in the Korean patch notes)

    Please refer to the translated Korean patch notes linked above for bonus damage or resistance values.
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