ArcheAge/ArcheAge Unchained Rise of Nehliya (7.0.2) update

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    [UPDATED] The next update for ArcheAge/ArcheAge Unchained (7.0.2) is now live on all North America and Europe servers following maintainence on 12 Nov 2020.

    It includes:
    • a new zone (Mysthrane Gorge), plus a questline delving into the Ipnya, the Akasch, and the history of Erenor
    • a new world boss (Nehilya) with mechanics requiring siege damage to kill
    • new Farmhand npc which can be bound to any land bigger than 16x16* to perform tasks such as harvesting and pack runs. A Farmhand guide has been published on the official forum here and here (as part of the patch notes). Note it requires both a built house to 'bind' to via owners mark, and an unbuilt garden, farm or gazebo/pavilion design in your bag to give it a task (which disappears temporarily).
    More info about the update including some lore and a run-down of Nehilya's mechanics are included in the patch notes here.

    *Farmhand currently cannot be bound (owner's mark) to Desserted Cottage (this is a bug).
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